In Odessa, the UOC-MP priest consecrated the city centre after the LGBT parade

The head of the missionary Department of the Odessa eparchy of the UOC

Iranian authorities have accused Georgia of inappropriate treatment of women in hijab

Iranian women in hijab Iran expressed the protest of Georgia in connection with the actions of the employees of the security s

Published edition of the Bible dedicated to the land, the people and God of Israel

The Bible is a major bestseller of all time, and she did not give up their positions. The latest version immediately became a

African American pastors are being bullied on the Internet after the meeting with trump

A group of African American pastors came under attack for a meeting with President Donald trump to discuss prison reform. Hund

His Holiness visited St. Nicholas Church on the New Earth

     August 17, 2018, during the first visit of the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church, on the Novaya Zemlya archipela

Patriarch Kirill: Service in the far North is a special spiritual feat

     17 Aug 2018 in the Officers ‘ mess of the Central site of the Russian Federation in the village Belushya Lip, t

Transfiguration: the feast, talking about our future

Sermon of Archpriest Vladimir Selitskogo (1926 – 1997) on Transfiguration gogda 1985 in Tallinn Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Transformation starts not with land, but with people

The norm is given by God and confirmed by the life itself: “blessed is he who has mercy on the brutes” – one

Sanctify yourselves as the apples of God as a harvest for Christ

Sermon of Archpriest Alexander Abramov, the feast of the Transfiguration of our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ from the book

Adoptive parents shocked by the bill of the Ministry of education

The Ministry of education has prepared a bill on “protection of children’s rights” according to which it is