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Act of Abandonment

My merciful Creator and Savior, everything I possess by nature or grace is Yours.
My soul and body are the work of Your hands.
Any virtue I may have comes from the grace You merited for me through Your Passion and Death.
As Your due, I lovingly return and give You all You have granted me in charity and mercy.
I fervently abandon and cast myself into the paternal bosom of Your Divine Providence.
With an absolute and irrevocable abandonment, I commit myself and submit to Your Divine Will.
Here I am, Lord, stripped of my will, my affections and my desires.
What will You have me do? I want only Your most holy Will.      AMEN.

Morning Prayer

O God, enthrone Yourself in my heart and do not ever leave it.
May You be the first in the morning to awaken my thoughts, words and actions;
and the last at night to cover with the ashes of Your holy humility
the fire which You have enkindled in my heart.      AMEN.

Prayer Before Contemplating the Word

O Divine Savior, through Your inexpressible goodness
let me be transformed into You, and see only You
as I listen to Your Word.      AMEN.

Night Prayer

In a divine, ecstatic peace I sleep in Your arms, Incarnate Word,
lost to myself and to all my needs; because in You are all my hope
and You Yourself are my only confidence and eternal possession.      AMEN.

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