“Meeting place – Jerusalem”, No. 39 of 14.09.18 G.

In this program: • Pressure on the Palestinians: administration trump closes the office of the Palestine liberation Organiza

“People are deceived that testing is required”

Last month, the Ministry of education surprised his parents with a proposal to limit to tighten the requirements for foster pa

Sergei Bodrov Jr.: was that the truth should fight

16 years ago, September 20, 2002 in Karmadon gorge in North Ossetia during the filming of the movie “the Messenger” died a

Boris Grebenshchikov: Each – your chopper

The leader of group “aquarium” and the Trustee of the Fund “Mimio” Boris Grebenshchikov gave an interv

The Nativity of the blessed virgin in 2018 – September 21

The Nativity of the blessed virgin in 2018 – September 21 The Nativity of the blessed virgin in 2019 – September 21 The Na

And in due time Hannah gave birth to a Girl

On 21 September the Orthodox Church celebrates the Nativity of the

I was expecting purulent ulcers, necrosis, sepsis – but a miracle happened: the burn healed

“I’m sitting with my friend Basil in the temple. Early morning, no people, only the watchman walking back and fort

Archpriest George Orekhanov: Karen Stepanyan loved Dostoevsky, Russian life, Russia

I was very close to Karen Ashotovich – it this love is not only Dostoevsky, but in Russian life in Russian the world in Russ

Thank God, we can’t call each other heretics

The legal basis and historical precedents for the granting of the Tomos of the Patriarch of Constantinople Ukraine reflects th

25 thousand books in the app, but why the teacher invites the children for 24 hours to abandon the smartphone

What happens to children’s brains when reading online? Do children need to read more paper books? KQED journalist Holly