How to seek God and His face

First published in Russian translation of the main work of an outstanding religious thinker Tersteegen Gerhard (1697-1769) 

Terrible video can act on people in different ways

The network was published a shocking video from surveillance cameras, which clearly show the moment of the explosion at the Po

“Shut up and give birth!” – how to avoid becoming a victim on their own childbirth

Flashmob #Vasilievitch in Russian social networks began two years ago – 21 Oct. Since then, hundreds of women spoke abou

“In the first five minutes I thought war”. Kerch

Funeral, ended the mourning. The city returned to business as usual. But this is only superficially. Go to any of these people

Antiochian and the Serbian Patriarchs of Constantinople called for dialogue with the Russian Church with the participation of all local Orthodox Churches

     Held 11-19 October 2018 peace visit of Patriarch John of Antioch within the Serbian Patriarchate, the two primates of

In the Vologda Archdiocese restored the historic Nativity Ferapontov monastery

     19 October 2018 the newly established Nativity of St. therapontus monastery arrived Metropolitan of Vologda and Kiril

Vladimir Legoyda: We have not severed relations with Constantinople, and stated the situation occurred the gap

     Speaking in the program “Light the night” radio “Faith” Chairman of the Synodal Department fo

Metropolitan Hilarion: Patriarch Filaret Denysenko was, and remains schismatic

     Comments in the Greek news Agency “Romfea” the Chairman of the Department for external Church relations o

In Pyatigorsk have completed the international Slavic literary forum “Golden knight”

     18 October 2018 in the Caucasian Mineral Waters has completed the final stage of the IX International Slavic literary

Metropolitan Hilarion: the Assignment of new titles to Filaret is a farce

The head of the DECR of the Russian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan