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 Jesus, the Incarnate Word
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  Community Life

"The Trinity is the first Order and the first religious community
from which all those that are founded should be conformed
in order to fulfill what the Incarnate Word asked for at the Supper."
Jeanne de Matel

Central to our lives in community is...

  • The adoration and imitation of the Incarnate Word.
  • We make Jesus the center of our lives by our love and by our prayer.
  • We strive to be like Jesus in His life of loving humble service, and in the spirit of the Gospel beatitudes which is one of purity, mildness, peace and mercy.
  • We respond freely to Christ's most fundamental commandment,
                                                                                 "Love one another just as I have loved you."

Srs. Grace & Brendan at recreation


Sr. Martha & christmas ornaments




Summer Picnic

Srs. Bertha & Dympna


Our lifestyle is rooted in the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. These vows help us to place people and things in proper perspective.

Poverty, in particular, frees us to appreciate the good of the earth. Property and things are only as important as they help us fulfill our ministries.

In our profession of obedience, we express our twofold desire to deepen our baptismal sharing in Christ's obedience to the Father and to make ourselves available for the upbuilding of Christ's Body through service to the Church.

In response to God's gift of virginity, we make the total gift of ourselves to God and His Church. As we live this consecration, chastity enables us to be compassionate, nurturing, gentle and loving to all.



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