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Relics & Writings of Jeanne, Lyon, France
Writings of Jeanne

In addition to her life, Jeanne de Matel has left those of us who continue her mission a wealth of spiritual writings -- autobiographical and doctrinal. This collection includes volumes of her own autobiography, spiritual journey, collections of letters and treatises. The most well known of her treatises is that pertaining to the Beatitudes.

  • Autobiography: Composed by order of Cardinal Archbishop Alphonse de Richelieu between 1642 and June 24, 1660. It begins with her birth and ends with events relating to the time of its termination. In the part dealing with her life prior to 1642-1643, the narrative presented as a joint memoir and reinterpretation of the past. The chapters that deal with events from 1643 on, the text is more in the form of a diary. Jeanne constantly addressed herself to God, as if she were telling Him her life.

  • Diary: A long series of writings in which Jeanne kept transcribing the lights she received and the experiences she had while in prayer.

  • Collection of Letters: Jeanne wrote numerous letters -- to her spiritual directors, to her Sisters, to priests and laity. The letters addressed to her Sisters are most useful for knowledge of the internal life of the Order.

  • Doctrinal Writings: Jeanne's teachings on the mysteries of faith were mostly found in her Diary -- such as: the Incarnation, the Holy Trinity, the Eucharist. She wrote a number of Treatises for her Sisters to understand and to live by --  Treatises on the Beatitudes, Treatises on the Marriages of the Incarnate Word, Treatise on the Song of Songs.



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