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Sister Yvonne Wuensche┬┤s Golden Jubilee
August 2008

  Thanksgiving Mass: August 10th
Incarnate Word Convent Chapel
  Sr. Yvonne Renews Vows in the Presence of Sr. Rosalia, Superior 
  "Praised Be the Incarnate Word" Hymn 
  Gifts Offered
with Sr. Maria Eleanor
  Motherhouse Reception 
  Motherhouse Luncheon 
  A Picture with
Fr. Carl Belisch, CSB
  With Srs. Charline & Rosalia 
  With Sr. Maria Eleanor 
  Jubilee Cake 
  August 23rd Reception
Incarnate Word Academy
  Sr. Yvonne Receives Plaque of Appreciation from SVdP Society 
  Sr. Yvonne Expresses
her Gratitude for the Tribute
  Sr. Rosalia Speaks of
Sr. Yvonne's Dedicated Service
  Sr. Yvonne's Family 
  Cousins and Sister 
  Some Guests... 
  A Picture with a Friend... 

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