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Day of Discernment
November 8, 2008

  Sr. Helen Talks About
Our History in the Morning

  Group Sharing: Sr. Madeleine
with Leighann and Nicole

  Rose Shares Her Reflection
to Sr. Helen and Pat

  Sr. Mary Jude Shares
with the Twins

  Sr. Scholastica with
Felipa and a Parent

  Sr. Mary Margaret
Leads Choir Practice

  Choir Practice Before Mass 

  Sr. Madeleine with Discerners 

  Afternoon Walk in Our Garden 

  Our Lady of Lourdes 

  Sr. Marian Grace with Felipa 

  At Our Convent Sidewalk 

  At the Crosswalk Bridge 

  A Walk Around Our Neighborhood 

  Sr. Madeleine Introduces Sisters
Sharing Their Vocation Story (afternoon)

  Sr. Mary Zachary
Shares Her Call

  Srs. Mary Margaret, Marian Grace,
Scholastica and Mary Jude

  Sr. Mary Brendan
Shares Her Vocation Story


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