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Meet Sr. Marian Grace Thies...


I became an Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament Sister because I liked the title of this Order and because I attended and graduated from our high school, Incarnate Word Academy. I was very interested in serving our Lord the way the Sisters were doing in this school. Their good example and friendliness helped me to decide this way of life.


     With the help of Jesus and our Blessed Mother, I have managed to teach for many years and I hope to continue teaching God's little ones until He calls me home. I have always been happy with what I am doing because I know it is God's work I am fulfilling here on earth.


     My favorite subject to teach is Religion.  When I teach this I realize how much the children need to know about where they came from, what they must do for God here on earth, and if faithful, will experience God's wonderful gift forever in heaven.


      I can truthfully say that I am thankful to God for calling me to this way of life and I will always praise him with whatever I say or do.


      I hope and pray that many of you who think God is calling you to this way of life will follow it and trust God no matter how difficult the circumstances may seem.  He will always give you the grace that each moment requires. Just remember, "GIVE TO GOD WITHOUT RESERVE AND HE WILL GIVE TO YOU WITHOUT MEASURE."


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