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Sr. Mary Jude's Final Profession of Vows
August 9, 2008 at St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church

  Archbishop Joseph Fiorenza with Some Priests & Deacon at the Church Foyer Before Mass 
  Archbishop Fiorenza
& Other Concelebrating Priests
Before Mass
  Entrance Procession: Altar Servers
& Crossbearer, Sr. Charline
  Srs. Joyce Ann & Carmel
Congregational Council Members
  Srs. Mary Jude & Rosalia 
  Concelebrating Priests 
  Fr. John Wyer, St. Vincent's Pastor
Fr. Al Gaelens, CSB
  Archbishop Fiorenza
& Deacon Dan Pagnano
  Archbishop Greets Congregation 
  Sprinkling Rite 
  Opening Prayer 
  Sr. Dympna, First Reading 
  Sr. Josie, RVM-Sr. M. Jude's Sister
Second Reading
  Sr. Maria Eleanor,
  Sr. Mary Margaret, Cantor 
  Deacon Dan Proclaims the Gospel 
  Archbishop Fiorenza
  Archbishop's Inquiry
of Sr. Mary Jude
  Litany of the Saints 
  Lighting of Candle 
  Sr. Mary Jude Pronounces
Her Vows
  Words of Admission
from Sr. Rosalia
  Signing of Vow Document 
  Blessing of the Ring 
  Sr. Mary Jude Receives Ring 
  Prayer of Consecration 
  "Praised Be the Incarnate Word" Hymn of Thanksgiving 
  Congregation Applaudes to Congratulate Sr. Mary Jude 
  Presentation of Gifts 
  Preparation of the Gifts 
  Deacon Blesses the Congregation 
  Prayer Over the Gifts 
  Liturgy of the Eucharist 
  Sr. M.Jude Receives Communion 
  The Congregation After Communion 
  Sr. Mary Jude Offers Flowers
to the Blessed Mother
  Recessional Procession 
  Archbishop with Concelebrants, Sacristy 
  Msgr. Jamail Family Center
  Sr. Mary Jude
Smiles for the Camera
  Sr. Mary Jude with Co-workers
at Magnificat House
  A Picture with Family & Friends 
  With Friends & Co-workers 
  Reception Cake 
  Sr. Mary Jude Cuts the Cake 

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