The first of November — the international day of prayer for the persecuted Church. In coming to this day of the weekend, Christians around the world gathered together to remember their brothers and sisters who suffer for the faith. Three-quarters of people in the world live in countries where there is religious freedom, or they can attack the streets for their faith. Such conclusions were made during a recent study of the Pew Institute.

The house Committee on foreign Affairs is investigating what it called the “world crisis” of religious freedom.
The U.S. Ambassador for religious freedom David Saperstein at the hearing said that even in those countries in which previously attended some kind of religious freedom, the situation became radicalized.

“We continue to see the negative impact of laws on blasphemy and apostasy in countries such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan. In some countries under the pretext of such laws apply and justify violence in the name of religion,” says Rabbi David Saperstein.

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