10 quotes and tips on family from Christian Ministers

The family is one of the most important spheres in human life. But at the same time, many couples experience difficulties in creating a successful marriage. People who have been married for many years and are happy together put a lot of effort to make this a reality. The family is the first labor. And here from both spouses depends on a healthy atmosphere in the house. For you we have collected 10 quotes and tips on family from Christian Ministers.

Arthur Simonyan (pastor of Church “Word of life”, Yerevan):

“Family is a gift that God gave man after creation. This is the first thing God gave man.

Before creating the Church, God created family. Usually people believe that the Church, business or work play the most important role in their lives, however, when there was no business, no Church, didn’t have all the good things of life, was created family. Some people think so: “First, I want to enjoy life, and then the time comes to get married.” However, if God has decided that you first need to enjoy life, and then to marry, then he would not have done at first family. When God first created the family, He knew one indisputable truth β€” that the enjoyment of life is given to man to know the family. Only in the family one can experience a true pleasure. The problem with many is that they expect that marriage will make them happy. But not married should make you happy, and you should make everything that it was successful.”

Nick Vujicic (the Evangelist, the author of motivational books):

“Love no matter what you can and what can not, who is and who is not can be. True love is staring right in the heart. The most successful marriages are those in which the man and woman before becoming lovers, were good friends. I do not quite understand how you can be lovers without being friends. In any relationship happen difficult moments. Every day cannot be Sunny. Problems inevitable. Therefore, it is important to assess your relationship at the stage of courtship, to know exactly what they are based on love, not something marginal.”

Joyce Meyer (preacher, bestselling author, USA):

“The Bible calls us to live in harmony with each other. My husband Dave and I are radically different from each other. However, God gradually brought us together, so we think the same way and have similar needs. We remain totally different people, but we understand that God uses our differences for a purpose. We happened to be together. God knew our flaws and virtues will begin to interact when we will become one. We are not concerned that we are so different. We understand that we need each other just the way we conceived God. We do not criticize each other’s weaknesses, and emphasize the dignity of each other and enjoy life together”.

Alexei Romanov (youth pastor of Church “Word of life” Moscow):

“With all the busy schedule we spend a lot of time together. And you know, I’ll tell you what, I want even more to be together, I love it. The desire to be together is not just a desire, it is work! It makes it so I wanted to come home, and when we are together we do not get each other, sometimes unable to stay quiet for long, when we go on the road, and I love the moments when she falls asleep on the right and try not to move, not to Wake up. Happiness to be together, there is still so much!” ( ist. Instagram)

Lisa bevere (preacher, author, USA):

“Perhaps you are striving to love, despite the flaws. Perhaps you sometimes find it difficult to love if I see no change. But I want to encourage you to show love before it is deserved or justified. Only when we accept God’s fearless, undeserved, unfathomable love, we are changed; and only if we spread this fearless love for others, we give them the opportunity to do the same. Beloved, take the unsurpassed love of God, and you will see how to transform the world around you.”

Mutts-Ola Ishoel (pastor of Church “Word of life” Moscow):

“Issues of family and marriage has always occupied a Central place in Christian ethics. From the Bible we know that the family is not a human invention but a God-created Union. The Bible gives us a clear definition of family life. Respect, love and loyalty are the key principles of the Christian view of the family”.

Rick Renner (pastor of Good News Church, Moscow):

“Denise and do things to strengthen our family. Over family relationships need to work. Because two different people become one. We try to spend time in fellowship, pray together. Every morning, I kiss Denise, and say that I love her. In the evening, when we go to bed we try to read together. During the day we find time to chat and tell each other how the day goes. It is also very important to get together somewhere and spend their leisure time. If you are going to work on the marriage and how to improve it, to revive the joint efforts, sooner or later the marriage will become boring. And we always tell each other “I love you, and we married before the end of life.”

Olga Potyrailo (pastor of the Church “Skeemans”, Kiev):

Sometimes to people after the wedding come the disappointment in each other. The problem is that often we fall for the person, as a person, and in the image we have created. The strongest relationships are built only when there is no illusion, where there is unconditional acceptance, just as we are and, of course, unconditional deep love. Men and women are completely different. They are emotionally different and put a great apart purpose. Everything is in your hands. You need to talk a lot. Say a lot, about different things, discuss what you see. Tell me about my mistakes and share secret. All this will help to understand each other better.

Andrey Tyshchenko (senior Bishop of the Association of churches “New generation” in Ukraine):

“The family relations shall be based solely on Scripture. In marriage it is very important respect the wife to her husband. This attitude will allow him to feel the head. On the other hand the Bible tells husbands to treat their wives gently, as to the weak vessel. Often men are rude, unkind, not show affection. Such a wrong attitude to external causes in women irritability, resentment. The woman feels secure only when the man shows her tenderness, love, kindness. Love neutralizes all negative.”

Dmitry Shatrov (senior pastor of Church “Good News Mission”):

“The person who is happy in the family, he’s happy everywhere. And one of the places of appearances of faith is our family. In society today one of the most vulnerable places – the family. Sometimes young people do not want to create family, because shun responsibility. God gave us a choice. And it depends on us whether our marriage is successful or not.”

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