#13спасенных: the whole world is worried about children in Thailand

The whole world is watching the rescue operation in Thailand. 12 students and their coach were trapped in a flooded cave is five kilometers from the exit. They are alive, pull them to the surface trying a few thousand people. But the monsoons come into force and the water’s rising too fast.

  • Russia offered Thailand’s assistance in the rescue of the children from the flooded caves
  • Diver-volunteer was killed while saving children from a cave in Thailand

Thai Junior football team lost in the cave complex of Tham Luang Nang Non June 23. 12 students aged 11 to 16 went camping with his 25-year-old coach. They went deeper into the cave and found them blocked due to the outbreak of torrential rain – the way out and cave passages flooded with dirty water. Children and the coach were trapped about five kilometers from the surface under a layer of rock.

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Looking for the missing rescuers from the US, UK and China, and Thai special forces units of Navy seals – just in the rescue operation involved about two thousand people. In nine days British divers John Volanthen and Richard Stanton have discovered a group of 400 metres from the proposed location. All the children were alive and not injured, though was exhausted by many days of forced starvation.

Relatives of the missing children smile, knowing that their loved ones were found alive.
Sakchai Lalit, AP

For parents and relatives of missing children, this news was a miracle.

“I’m excited. Don’t know how to Express it in words. It is impossible to imagine”, – told the BBC the father of one of the boys when I heard the news. “I waited for 10 days. I could not imagine that this day should ever come. All I want is to see my son and hug him. This is more than enough.”

After the detection of a missing alive before the rescuers, the question arose as to evacuate them to the surface. The rainy season is continuing in Thailand for a few months, so wait until the water will leave the caves herself children for weeks. One option was pumping water from subways – but it turned out that even with the help of powerful pumps to reduce the water level in the cave could only 1 cm per hour. The situation is aggravated by the fact that according to forecasts of the monsoon will soon begin to grow, and hence the island of salvation young players can be flooded.

“At first we thought that children can stay in the cave for a long time, but now circumstances have changed, time is limited,” said July 5, reporters captain Apakan, Ongkeo, the commander of the unit of combat swimmers.

หนังเรื่องนี้เข้าฉายเมื่อไหร่จะไปนอนรอจองคิวเลย คิดในใจ”ไม่ได้ตั๋วหนังกูจะไม่ยอมกลับบ้าน” ขนาดดูจากตัวอย่างโคตรพีคเลย น้ำตาไหลตอนจบคลิป 😢😭😢😭 #ถ้ำหลวง#13ชีวิตรอดแล้ว #ทีมหมูป่าอะคาเดมี #13ชีวิตปลอดภัย #ถ้ำขุนน้ำนางนอน #ถ้ําหลวง pic.twitter.com/raSXEpfw3H

— หมูจะไม่ทน🐷🎸🍋🐲⚘ลุยไปจนกว่าสำเร็จ ให้รู้กันไป🏊 (@Kru_JW) July 5, 2018

The second option of rescue is to swim under water in the cave corridors. Make it difficult even for experienced divers – narrow aisles filled with muddy liquid, for in the caves strong, and children are exhausted after a long hunger strike and not know how to swim under water and even with heavy equipment. Despite this, the divers brought them to the cave oxygen cylinders, equipment, masks, and began to teach Teens the skills of breathing under water. This evacuation is likely to be the only, despite its considerable risk.

Hundreds of rescuers are participating in the operation to rescue 12 boys and their coach.
Linh Pham, Getty Images

“You just don’t understand how hard it is. Nothing to do with diving. This task can barely keep up trained fighters. And sail, dragging a boy — it is simply impossible,” — said the lifeguard tan Salon.

A sad proof of the immense risk of this option happened on the thirteenth day of the rescue operation. 38-year-old former Navy officer Thailand Samorn Coonan delivered oxygen cylinders is blocked to students, but he couldn’t get to the surface. On the way back to the surface of the former Navy seal out of air, he lost consciousness. To revive the diver could not.

His last social media message is optimistic. Before departure to the place of occurrence, he recorded a video which says: “I’ll See you tonight at Tham Luang. We’ll bring the children home.” For the fallen hero mourn the whole country,

“Despite the death of our comrade, we will continue to make every effort to bring the children to the surface,” assured captain Ongkeo.

Frogmen delivered to a distant chamber of the cave flooded the cylinders with oxygen, which is needed to maintain the necessary percentage of oxygen in the air of the cave. In addition, oxygen is used in the filling of compressed air cylinders aqualungs.

Now divers continue to teach children the skills of diving with them in the cave on duty physician, students provide special nutritious food.

All this time parents of children living in a camp near the entrances of caves and catch every bit of news from the divers and rescuers. Together with them, for the fate of the children going through the entire Thailand and the world. Users of social networks write messages under the hashtag #13спасенных— images blocked in the cave of footballers and words of hope and support.

“Anyone who helps these people heroes,” wrote one user of Twitter. “I’m crying tears of joy.”

“You are our heroes. Thank you”

During the rescue operation can be observed live. Now the monsoon took a break, and every minute without rain is a minute hope for #13спасенных.

The scene around a cave in northern Thailand where a young soccer team remains trapped. A former Thai navy SEAL diver died during a rescue operation yesterday and a navy SEAL commander said there is “limited amount of time” left to rescue the team: https://usat.ly/2lV0Lfg

USA TODAY published Friday, July 6, 2018


Next to the cave where the rescue operation, a temporary village volunteers. Destyakov the local people prepared food, distribute water and medicines to the members of the rescue operation and to journalists. There is a medical tent, where shifts are on duty doctors and nurses from the nearest town, Mae SAI, and you can even do a free haircut and drink some fresh coffee.

The victims ‘ families are watching the news on the rescue operation at the camp
Linh Pham, Getty Images

“I’m here to help in all possible ways,” says Brandon Fox. He is 36 years old, he was born in the US, but the last 14 years living in Thailand, working with the local charitable Foundation and will be fluent in Thai. He comes here every day to render any possible assistance, from trash collection to a translator’s work.

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