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People and events, the real heroes of the expiring 2018 – in the collection “Pravmir”.

Photo: instagram / fiverprimorye

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George The Giants. Photo By Alexander Goncharov

Altar of the Moscow Cathedral George Giants died under a train on the platform Krasnogorskaya. He was trying to save a homeless man who was walking on the tracks. About his life, “Pravmiru” said his wife, father and friends.

Thanks to the “Pravmiru” brother and sister found each other. In October, the website published an interview with a foster mom Julia Konyshevoy the son Volodya, whom she took as a teenager from the orphanage. Interview saw another adoptive mother – Larissa – and realized that the guy is as two drops of water similar to her daughter. Larissa knew that her daughter has an older brother, but find it did not – the guy was adopted Julia. Thanks to the article, the siblings were able to meet each other and will now regularly communicate.

Photo: Sergey Shedrin

Carpal surgeon Timothy Sukhinin 9 hours operated Margarita Grachev, whose husband cut off the brush on both hands. The girl managed to save his left hand, and a year after the abduction, she had almost recovered.

The funeral of those killed in Kizlyar. Photo: goragospodnya.ru

During the attack at the temple in Kizlyar Irina Malamova, collecting alms, first saw the killer.

“When the armed man ran into the temple court and began to shoot, Irina rushed to him, began to beat him with a bag and scream. And he turned around and shot her in the chest. Thanks to her, because she caught the killer, and thanks to the Cossack, who tried to divert the attention of the terrorist, we had to close the doors of the temple,” – said “Pravmiru” rector of St. George Cathedral in Kizlyar, the priest Pavel Kalinin.

During the attack killed 5 people, including Irina Malamova.

Photo: Alexander Patrin / A42.RU

The clown Eugene Borovkov worked in Kemerovo shopping centre, “Winter cherry” in the day of the fire. Together with other employees of the center he helped bring people from the third floor. After the tragedy of Eugene continues to be on the streets of Kemerovo believes that the city people stopped to smile.

Photo: Veronica Ranguelova, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”

Teacher Natalia Saulina helped save children during the attack on the fourth-grade students in the Perm school. The woman suffered 17 stab wounds, but survived and after 3 months returned to work. The teacher was awarded the medal “For courage”.

Photo: Sergey Shedrin

In August the Minister of education Olga Vasilieva told about the upcoming bill, which was to increase the adoption of children. Adoptive mother of four children Svetlana Stroganova posted in his Facebook open letter to the Minister, and launched a flash mob: crossed out on the family photos of children, which under the new bill she would not be able to take the family. Active support of foster families gave the result: Olga Vasilyeva said that the bill is crude and contains rules that need to be removed.

Photo: press service of EMERCOM in the Tver region

14-year-old Sergei Brass from the village Ozerki of the Tver region from the apartment of his grandmother saw a small child on the balcony railing. Without insurance he climbed to the balcony of the neighbors and saved the boy.

“After the incident, his mother asked how he. Sergei said, “Mom, my brother died… what if the child I crashed on the eyes? I didn’t even think, I fall or not: just went in and did it…” – said of the deed of Sergei his older sister.

Photo: Sergey Shedrin

A year ago Ivan and Lily by Ceranium refused to give birth to their newborn daughter. They are both blind, and the doctors doubted that parents with disabilities will be able to care for the child. Sonya-Patison (the girl affectionately called parents) for a year.This is a photo taken in the fan zone of the world Cup, it became known to the whole world. Fans of Colombia and Mexico raised over a wheelchair to a fan of the national team of Egypt Hasan Sidqi could see the match for his team.

Photo: Sergey Shedrin

Blind student Daniel Garanin won the Moscow stage of all-Russian chemistry Olympiad. To prepare for the Olympics he helped the teacher Lyudmila Kakinohana. Daniel wanted to enter the Department of chemistry at Moscow state University, although previously blind students were not trained. For Daniel, the University will develop a training program.

Ekaterina Konnova

In June, the mother of a disabled child Catherine Connova arrested and charged with drug trafficking for selling unnecessary drugs for epilepsy. She bought microclysters with diazepam Resellers for my 6 year old son Arseniy – he has congenital atresia (absence) of the esophagus and the regular epileptic seizures and dystonic.

Behind the woman stood a children’s hospice “House of a lighthouse”. Representatives of organizations drew attention to the fact that in Russia there is no possibility to legally buy medicines against epilepsy, which need at least 23 thousand children. Thanks to public support the case of Catherine Connoway was closed, and the health Ministry promised to solve the problem.

Photo: Yefim, Richman

In August, several hundred people came to uncoordinated action – “March of mothers”. They were calling for the release from prison of 18-year-old Anna Pavlikova and 19-year-old Maria Dubovik.

“We urge to join us all mothers who care about the future of our children. Any one of us knows that eighteen-year-old man is very little different from, for example, twelve. That it is easy to captivate, deceive, provoke,” – said the organizers on the event’s page in Facebook.

In August the two girls were transferred from prison under house arrest.

Andrey Pavlenko. Photo: Anna Danilova

In March, the oncologist Andrey Pavlenko found out that he had cancer of the stomach in the third degree. After chemotherapy, his hair began to fall. Colleagues of the doctor shaved her head to support it in the fight against stomach cancer.

Photo: instagram / fiverprimorye

Anastasia and Alexander Merkulov from Primorye was expecting four children, but during a cesarean became clear – one, the fifth, the whole pregnancy was hiding behind his brothers and sister. As the family lives, where both are growing five babies, young parents said “Pravmiru”.

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