Pastoral retreats KEMO is a place for the sustenance of spirit and mind. Pastors and Ministry leaders to discuss here the problem, sometimes even controversial themes and issues. Moreover, raising the questions of service and people, and to each other.

At pastors ‘ retreats discusses current issues, not only related to important directions of the development of the Messianic movement and the various structures of the Jewish Ministry, but also with a variety of aspects of pastoral Ministry. In a warm and relaxed family atmosphere pastor of churches have already entered (or intending to enter the Jewish Ministry), the rabbis of the Messianic communities have the opportunity to meet at the pastoral level, to discuss acute problems of pastoral Ministry at the General meetings and in the working sections of the “round table”, the negative and the positive experiences of pastoral Ministry, prospects and ways of its development, to share the information that they have, and also (equally important) to pray together and glorify the Lord.

This year on retreat several internationally renowned speakers will share their experiences and insights in such areas:
• Kirk Bennett with a team prayer of praise IHOP will tell you how to hear God’s voice for community and for the strategy in the future, as well as in practice, to experience the presence of God.
• Jim Anderson will speak about fathers and sons about sexual purity and pornography.
• Carl-Gustaf Severin will touch on important topics about leadership.
• Themes Harold Rhoades – “How to allow Yeshua to flow through us into the hearts and lives of people”, “Heaven is real, if you follow Yeshua, we go beyond our communities and churches.”
• Also the word will serve as senior Rabbi of KEMO Boris Grisenko.

Kirk Bennett is one of the main leaders of IHOP KC. Its main theme is the prayer of the prophetic Ministry. Kirk — Director of the former Zadok House of prayer, founder of 7Thunders Ministry (7 thunders). He also is the Director of Prophetic Ministry at IHOP. Since 2010 he is Vice-President of IHOP, oversees the Department of justice, which promotes various initiatives, assists departments and services in the mission database. Kirk also has extensive service in other countries, which continues to expand, reaching to the ends of the earth.

Jim Anderson — astewater service Lifeline (1990), It was a call for the Church to respond to God’s heart to abortion. Powerful message Jim reveals the lies in the culture which gives the definition of godless sexual life of men and women, helping them to establish themselves in true, God-given personality. Jim has served thousands of people all over the world: in churches, at conferences, in schools of discipleship. He is the author of “a woman’s Heart” and “Revelation: the identification of sexual violence in the culture.” His Ministry brought healing, deliverance and restoration to those who have been wounded by sexual sin and immorality.

Carl-Gustav Severin — Preacher, pastor and missionary, his main theme “Evangelisatie”. Associate and assistant pastor of Church “Word of life” Ulf Ekman (Uppsala, Sweden). Together they were the first clergy of the Churches of faith who visited the Soviet Union. He has traveled to more than 50 countries around the world, conducting evangelistic Crusades in CIS countries and is one of the most famous missionaries founding churches in the former Soviet Union.

Harold Rhoades has a master’s degree in New Testament and a doctorate in counseling psychology. Taught at Regent University in Virginia beach (VA). 8 years taught the skills of counseling pastors, priests, nuns and laity in Malaysia and Singapore. In 1995 responded to the invitation of the leadership of the Pentecostal Emmanuel College in Franklin springs (Georgia) to create and lead there division of psychology, where he taught for about five years and currently continues to teach as a secondary teacher. Currently engaged in private practice, Ministers retreats, where people come from all over the world are pastors, missionaries, couples for intense counseling for three to five days.

The first (experimental) pastoral conference was organized in 2009. The experiment was clearly a success, laying the tradition of pastoral retreat. This tradition has pleased the leaders of the churches and congregations of different denominations and faiths. 2010 pastoral conference was to be international. Every autumn to spend time in a joyful family atmosphere of God’s family in Kyiv, attended pastors and rabbis, their assistants, the leaders of the developing Jewish Ministry, Jewish missions, Bible schools, not only from different countries but even from different continents.
Days of stay in retreats for all participants – these are the days of joyful fellowship with God and with each other, there is unity between believers of different churches, approval and encouragement, the birth of new ideas and projects (often joint).

The event is primarily aimed at those:
— who is focused in his Ministry on the salvation of the Jews;
— who started or has the intention to start a Jewish service.
anyone got issues with this service, or issues related to pastoral Ministry in General;
— who need to communicate in the pastoral circle.

Source: press service of KEMO

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