20 October – international day

Our interview with the chef of the health Center “Road of life” Alexey Vavilov.

— Alexey, why did you choose to become a chef?

— I chose to become a chef, because since childhood I love to cook cakes and different desserts. The first pancakes I made when I was 10 years old. Cakes are not often appeared on our Desk, and I really wanted to. Then I decided to ask the recipe of pancakes my grandmother his friend. The pancakes I made without much difficulty. Remember that it is pleasantly surprised my family. Then I learned the recipe Charlotte, pies, and then began to make cakes and desserts. So a hobby turned into a profession.

— You cook unusual dishes — vegetarian. Why?

— In the childhood for me the main thing was that the food was delicious. But I found out later that the person who prepares food in the family, responsible for the health of its members. Family members are as healthy as the chef responsible for their health. Vegetarian food best serves the health of each individual.

— Vegetarian food have any impact on your health?

— A friend of mine said, “When I decided to switch to a vegetarian diet, I have had doubts whether there is enough of me strength training Thai Boxing. When I started to eat plant foods, I felt a lightness, energy, stamina. I didn’t expect that no meat at all! My performance in training has improved markedly. But that’s not the main thing… the Main thing, my head began to think better!” At the time we laughed, but all my friend have manifested in my life.

— What would you advise those who are planning to switch to a vegetarian diet?

— I suggest not to be afraid! This is the best option a healthy diet. Thoroughly explore this question. Consider how you can provide your body with all essential nutrients. Gradually include in your menu more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, greens. Then discard the meat. Replace it with legumes, sunflower seeds, flax, sesame. Then let the milk and eggs. Use instead of soy or nut milk, you can prepare at home. Your health will improve noticeably!

— Please share your favorite recipes.

— With pleasure.

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