20-th all-Russia #KONFACH

In Achinsk hosted the annual national conference Association of churches “Cornerstone” #KONFACH, which was attended by around a thousand participants from 132 cities and 147 churches from all over Russia and from abroad, and thanks to the online broadcasts on social networks to the ministries were able to join more people.

For 20 years Achinsk conference brings together Christians from different parts of our country, changes their lives, gives encouragement and instruction in God’s Word.

“This anniversary is a good occasion to remember how it all began and thank God for the work done”, said the organizers.

And remember there is about. In the first conference, held 20 years ago, there were about 200 people, and 11 of them simultaneously received freedom from drug addiction. Therefore, for many years the title of the conference was “Jesus against drugs”. Every year Christians have brought the unbelievers, dependent people on a conference call with faith and expectation of a miracle from God.

Today the conference has expanded its scope and vision of the Ministry. It includes the prophetic Ministry of the tent, where a lot of people get encouragement and direction in the spiritual life. Over the years, accumulated the clearest evidence of God’s glory in the lives of the people.

This year’s speakers Konfach 2018 as has become regular guests of the conference and for the first time invited the preachers. At the opening of the word shared mark Conner, senior pastor of City Life Church from Melbourne, Australia. Also taught pastors Oleg Popov, Oleg Tikhonov, leader of the “Movement seekers of God” Sergei Shidlovsky, and, of course, the senior pastor of the Union Sergey Nepomnyashchikh. Closed the conference by tradition, the pastor of a Church in Achinsk Oleg Ilyin.

“It was released many prophetic words about revival in Russia, and it cannot be denied that this time is getting closer. This is a time of change, a time of strong prayers, while working on yourself – and all the speakers in one spirit expressed these thoughts,” — said in a press release.


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