340 Christian leaders of China are willing to lose life for the gospel

Every day to be a Christian in China gets harder. But despite the persecution of the government, believers do not surrender. In fact, more than 340 four leaders of the Chinese Christians released a General statement, proclaiming his faith in Jesus. They wrote: “for the Sake of the gospel we are ready to lose anything, even his freedom and life.”

This is a very strong word. To learn more about how the Church reacted to these persecutions, we come to Todd Nettleton of “the voice of the martyrs”.

MHN: Todd, what is your reaction to the statement of these Chinese leaders, and that it speaks to the strength of the Chinese Church?

Todd Nettleton, “the voice of the martyrs”:

My first reaction was admiration, because you have to have incredible courage to not only write such a letter on the eve of the persecution by the Chinese government, but also to put underneath your name. They publicly stated: “I stand with Christ, and I don’t care what the government will do”. These pastors know that they can expect public criticism of the government for the signing of this treatment.
I also remember a famous pastor of the home Church in China — Samuel Lemba, who I had the privilege of meeting in Guangzhou. He said: “the more persecution, more growth.” He talked about how the Church grew during persecution. I think about it, and happily imagine the growth we will see in the Chinese Church, despite the raging of the water.

MHN: Todd, you were in China, saw their home Church. Tell us about it. How to be a pastor in such a hostile environment?

If you pastor a home Church in China, you have to remember that every time you meet, you do so illegally. The police could come at any moment. They can arrest you, imprison. It doesn’t happen every week, and not all pastors of house churches arrested. But each head of a house Church knows that he can be arrested.

MHN: You talked about the fact that the underground Church is growing. How she grew up during this time in China?

The underground Church is in every corner of China. Throughout China there are house churches, is the so-called “family Church.” The Communist government was so alarmed because in China a lot more Christians than Communist party members. And if the Communist government maintains control through the party and sees these figures, it is logical that she begins to worry. I believe that this attack is directly related to the fear of Communist leaders who see that the Church is growing much faster than their party.

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