40 years ago they were dispersed by the police

In Krasnodar took place the 9th annual Christian conference I’m YOUNG! 2018.

For 4 days hundreds of young people from all over the country were in communion with God in the circle of friends.

It is noteworthy that exactly forty years ago in 1978 regional youth fellowship of the South of Russia in Krasnodar were dispersed by policeand its organizers were sentenced to several years in prison.

And now, after forty years, the young people freely going to the city centre, to glorify the Risen Savior and celebrate a common faith!

The conference was organized by the Russian Baptist Union. In total, the conference attracted about 1,300 young people. The conference was held on the Central square of the city — the Palace of the dispute Olympus where are usually the largest and most significant events of Krasnodar.

Each of the four conference days were filled with General sessions and two full days — 16 and 17 August, the participants had the opportunity to participate in seminars and training sessions, sports and social project “For the city”, which took place in the framework of the so-called Time Features.

The conference demonstrated unity in Christ and our diversity of forms. Every day the participants of the conference served as musical groups from different areas of the southern region.

On the opening day of the conference combined youth choir of the Krasnodar region and Adygea consists of more than 120 people and a musical band from the city of Kropotkin were the participants of the conference in the doxology. On the second day, the musicians from Volgograd and Rostov regions. The third day was filled with musicians from Vladikavkaz and cities CBD. At the close of the conference 18 August praising the Lord chamber choir of Bezhitsa Baptist Church of the city of Bryansk, a musical group from Belgorod and soloist of the Bolshoi theatre Minsk.

The conference was held under the motto: Trust God! Live Christ! Love thy neighbor! These calls formed the basis of the sermons given at the conference.


The participants of the conference with a word of edification addressed:

  • Dmitry Kudacki — senior presbyter of the Association of churches in Krasnodar Krai and Adygea, Maikop presbyter of the Church
  • Vladislav Treskin — the former head of the Youth Department RS ECB, pastor Novomoskovsk Bible Church
  • Peter Miscavige — Chairman of the RS ECB, pastor of the Church of Calvary
  • Vladimir Miskevich the head of the administration of the RS ECB, senior presbyter of the Union of the churches of Ivanovo and Kostroma regions
  • Vitaly Zanin — head of Youth service PC Baptist, a Minister of Russian Bible Church
  • Dmitry Semana — coordinator of Youth Ministry in Siberia
  • Viktor Levashov, Deputy Chairman of the RS ECB on the southern region, pastor of the Church of the city may
  • Nicholas Maslyakov, Deputy Chairman of the RS ECB to the Central region, pastor of the Church of the city mytisci
  • Vitaly Bak — Deputy President of the RS ECB in Siberia

Young participants were provided with a huge number of opportunities for communication and joint activities, as such meetings are valuable not only to edification, but also an opportunity for the young generation to feel themselves one acquainted with each other. Those who could not attend the conference, I had the opportunity to join online through the live stream.

The conference was held at a high technical and organizational level and received a lot of positive feedback from the participants.

The conference presented the program “Explorer”, which since September of this year started in many churches. The conference was conducted a training on how to start small groups using “Explorer”.

During the conference, about three dozen people were reconciled with God in prayer, which was a response to the preaching of the gospel.

Big thanks to all those who participated in the organization of this conference, those who spent their time, strength and means, those who prayed and donated to this wonderful meeting of young people from all over Russia around Christ was possible!


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