5 new books for your young fan

World Cup watch not only adults but also children and adolescents. How to explain the rules of the game and tell about the most important moments in football history? “Pravmir” gathered 5 new children’s books that will appeal to young fans.

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Laurent Nicolet, Leo Virovets, “It’s football! The game that changed the world”

The publishing house “Scooter” and “Walking through history”

For Junior, middle and senior school age

The book is entirely devoted to the history of football over the last 160 years. Each Chapter will have a ten-year period with a short interesting stories about the rules of the game at this time and greatest players. The book has a separate Chapter about the history of football in the Soviet Union and Russia.

Thanks to the heads of football at the end of XX – beginning of XXI century, the child learns about the beautiful goal and how Zidane ended his career famous than Ronaldo and Messi as the Euro-2008 Russian national team managed to reach the semi-finals.

The book was written by Frenchman Laurent Nicolet, enjoys football for almost 50 years, and a passionate fan of the game 13-year-old Leo Virovets. In Russian it translated from French football commentator Fyodor Pogorelov, and edited a sports journalist, chief editor of “Soviet sport” Eugene Saenko.


Alexander Muyzhnek, “Football. The book is about the skill and drive”

The publishing house “Mann, Ivanov and Ferber”

For children from 5 years and their parents

Continuation of the series “Your rules”, which tells the children about the most spectacular sports, arts and leisure activities. Perhaps this is the most complete and visual aid about football for kids. The book tells how the stadium, why the need for markings on the field and even on what is inside of the lawn. In addition, tactical diagrams and description of the most famous goals in history. All this information is supplemented by detailed drawings of Anastasia Baryshevoj who draws cartoons for the Studio of animation cinema “Mill”.

The book will be interesting not only for children, but they far from soccer parents who will finally be able to understand what is happening during the world Cup matches.


Alexei Durnovo, “play Ball!”

Publishing house “White crow”

For middle and high school age

The book of the sportswriter, radio “Echo of Moscow” Alexei Durnovo. The author called her “a brief history of world and Russian football, with the description of all world and European Championships”. In addition, thanks to this book, a child learns the rules of the game describe the basic tactics, read interesting facts. At the end of the book there is a dictionary of football terms.


Eric Marson, “I Want to know everything about football…”

Publishing house “Walk into history”

For primary school age

Book-encyclopedia with detailed drawings and information on the football: rules of the game, tasks players and judges, the names of famous players. But the main “trick” books stickers and job on the football theme. In addition to standard crosswords and coloring pages children are encouraged to spend real football warm-up, to try on the role of judges and decide who is to blame in a conflict situation, and remember, what distinguishes a corner kick from the penalty spot.


Michael Pegov, “Hurrah! Football!”

Publisher Of “Swing”

For children of secondary school age

Small (only 24 pages) book about the history of football came in the series “one Hundred thousand why”. Here you can find information about rules, tasks players about the history of the game at different times.

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