5 principles for leaders to release the supernatural

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Many leaders are eager to see how the people they serve walk in power, healing and the prophetic, especially outside the Church. No longer satisfied with building a traditional service, they want to influence your city. Increases the desire to see their regions and universities, filled with the glory of God, people who dedicate their lives to Jesus, and the culture reflecting the Kingdom of God. But this shift in thinking requires a different set of tools, and we are forced to seek revelation on how to make that a reality. One of the most frequent questions I get asked the leaders: “How do I release the supernatural in your Ministry?”.

In Matthew 5:16, Jesus makes clear that one of the main keys to see the glory of God takes over the city, is the people that Shine their light so that others faced with their deeds. The word “business” refers to “random acts of kindness”, but to what Jesus demonstrated in His Ministry, when the sick were healed, the dead raised, the lame walked and the blind received sight. In other words, when we demonstrate the power of God, laying hands on the sick, prophesying broken, and radically loving the lonely; our light will Shine through the darkness.

If we want to empower people to transform their cities and universities to Jesus, our methods need to go beyond events to equip lifestyle. As much as I was grateful for evidence of the supernatural at our conferences “Jesus Culture”, then I am only completely satisfied when you see how these meetings with God are multiplied in and through the lives of the participants when they return home. We still continue to learn every day, but here are some of the keys.

1. Demonstrate God’s extravagant love

Healing, prophetic Ministry and signs and wonders are extremely encouraging. When someone lays hands on a patient with scoliosis, and physically feels like the back is straightened, it is an amazing experience. Most importantly, however, when healing, and prophecy begin to flow critical that we fight for that love was the main cause and motivation of the service in force. Galatians 5:6 tells us that faith works by love. Faith to demonstrate the power of God flows through love. The Kingdom which we represent is based in love and we are called to manifest it not only in word but also in power (1 Corinthians 4:20). Signs and wonders are meant to point people to a greater reality – the extravagant love of God. If we do not equip their people to ensure that they based their journey of love, healing becomes just another fad that temporarily entertains, but has no lasting effect.

2. Learn what the anointing is for everyone

The level of anointing in which operated many mothers and fathers of the faith such as John John. Lake, Oral Roberts and Kathryn Kuhlman is available to all who thirst for him. My senior pastor, bill Johnson, describes it this way: “God gives some people “the surge” in human experience, not just so that they could gather people around themselves to Minister to them, but they are put into the position with grace to equip the saints, so that their “highest point” becomes the new norm.” The anointing is available to everyone… young and old, extrovert and introvert, the new and Mature Christian. Our people must be given the opportunity to step into the anointing. Whether it is prayer for each other at the meeting, in their University, at home, at work – people need frequent opportunities to experience this reality.

3. Give

In my Church we give place to the supernatural. In every service we pray for the sick. Whether it’s a trained team of clergy or community, praying for each other. This may be at the beginning or at the end of the service, but there will always be opportunity for those who need a supernatural encounter, to prayer. We have the same focus in youth Ministry and we, together with the leaders setting an example and doing it with youth. We regularly give a portion of each meeting for words of knowledge, prayer for healing, opportunities to prophesy and the like. I would encourage you to reevaluate your routine service and rebuild the schedule to give people as many opportunities as possible to lay hands on those who need physical healing. The more you give it space in their lives, the more it will happen naturally elsewhere and become a lifestyle.

4. Develop a culture of risk

I noticed among University students a model to keep them from breakthrough in healing they desire. These students believed passionately in the healing, but couldn’t see him on a regular basis. “Breaking” to see healing, they’re not really “doing step” to pray for people. They cried out to God, asking Him to move – but they didn’t move. They had a sense that if they are sufficiently long to persevere in prayer, the anointing will come down from Heaven, and they will have results. Although I absolutely believe we need to achieve greater anointing, we all have the anointing for Ministry in the supernatural, which is available right now. But it requires our willingness to take risks. When you are faithful in what we have at present, God will trust you more.

As leaders we are responsible to nurture an environment in his Ministry, which requires and makes necessary the risk. With uncertainty, our people thrive when leaders go along with them and evoke the best in them, at that time, as they take risks in the supernatural.

If we, as leaders, expect that the people we serve, will take risks behind the walls of the Church, we must give them opportunities for development within the Church and community. If they learn to take risks in a safe environment to grow and their confidence in public. For example, teach your people healing and prophecy, and then push them to ensure that they were giving words of knowledge or prophesying to each other. If someone needs healing, ask people to pray for him. They may be scared and nervous, but stand with them and defend their courage.

You will probably discover that many are afraid to fail. This is one of the main reasons why people fail to see the power of God demonstrated in their lives. They freeze up at the thought “What if I make a move and nothing happens?”. This fear needs to be defeated. Help them conquer this fear. Often the result we are looking for is on the other side of perseverance. I once heard that John Wimber prayed for 1000 people before he saw the first breakthrough in healing. The more we take the risk, and God answers our prayers, the more Mature we become in terms of a supernatural lifestyle.

5. Use of the certificate power to discover their potential

This simple but profound principle. If your people do not live in the realm of supernatural, constantly imagine them stories about how miracles happened. It informs what is possible, and if God could use one person, He will use them. Christians know intuitively that is designed to demonstrate the Kingdom; therefore testimonies penetrate deep inside, awakening these areas in their hearts. If you have no evidence in your community, then take them from someone else. God has no partiality!

Banning Liebscher (founder and pastor of “Jesus Culture”)

Source: jesusculture.com

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