500 Evangelical Christians publicly baptized in the river

To 1030 anniversary of the baptism of Rus by Prince Vladimir in Kiev, there was an unprecedented mass baptism in the Dnieper river. 500 people from the Ukrainian churches of Christians of Evangelical faith (Pentecostals) promised to serve God with a clean conscience. Water baptism was held near the monument to the Magdeburg right in the center of Kiev according to the story, it is from this place began the Christianization of Ukraine in 988, which gave a powerful impetus to the development of the Kievan state.

The brotherhood of the Ukrainian Pentecostal baptism on the same scale holds for the first time. Among baptized people from different parts of Ukraine, and a lot of young people.

“How to react to this event Kyiv will see. But we wanted crowded baptism to emphasize that the right course which was taken by Prince Vladimir, — said Mykhailo Panochko, senior Bishop of the Church of Christians of Evangelical faith of Ukraine (REGULAR). — We would like to have made all of Ukraine, this should be done annually throughout the Christian community of Ukraine — not only by us, Evangelical churches. But we made it as written. We are free, we are happy, and I want it was an impulse, an impetus: “People until the grace of God time — don’t be careless. Do not get carried away by the fact that temporary, but refer to the fact that forever!”

According to the gospel protestantlike tradition, water baptism is by faith in Jesus Christ in the age of reason, full immersion in water.

After the Liturgy in the column Magdeburg law Ministers and the baptized went on Trukhaniv island, where he took the sacrament.

The baptized share emotions:

“Feel new life. Plan to serve God,” says the guy who has been baptized.

“Expect big changes, because I make an important step in my life that will affect my life. And I believe that everything will be fine, because life with God is great!” — says one of the girls baptized.

To support the baptized and to rejoice with them came their family and friends.

“Rejoice together with their brethren that join saving a people who will live forever with God in heaven,” said one of the people who came to the celebration.

“Thank God! And even the rain that fell, can not spoil the experience or emotion that we are experiencing here today with the family, the Church, new members of our Church” — it supports the other.

The column of the Magdeburg right in the centre of Kiev as a reminder of the influence of the gospel to the Nations. And it is symbolic that here 500 Ukrainians have publicly acknowledged your faith in Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and continued the tradition, begun by Prince Vladimir 1030 ago.
The brotherhood of Pentecostal believes that this event reminded Ukraine about the historical Christian roots and encourage many to seek God and make the decision to live in Covenant with Him.

The press service of the CBN-Ukraine

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