So it’s official! The U.S. Embassy in Israel is now in the capital — Jerusalem! Political and religious leaders marked the event, which occurred in 70-year anniversary of Israel.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin unveiled the plaque, and Ivanka trump introduced the new Embassy.

“On behalf of the 45th President of the United States of America we welcome you officially and for the first time in the United States Embassy here in Jerusalem, capital of Israel!” she said.

In his video, her father, the President, trump said that his decision means the recognition of reality.

“Israel is a sovereign state, which, like any other sovereign state, free to determine its own capital, but for many years we did not recognize the obvious and simple fact: the capital of Israel is Jerusalem,” he said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the historic event: “What a glorious day! Remember this moment! President trump, acknowledging history, entered history”.

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman held this event and said the “CBN News” that he feels in this historic day: “We have been planning it for 25 years, and, thank God, he came. It’s just an incredible moment! I think it will be a few weeks before the whirlwind of my emotions will calm down”.

After almost 23 years, the Law about the Embassy in Jerusalem fulfilled the Embassy of the United States of America now here in Jerusalem. But, according to some, today is not only inscribed a new Chapter in history, but also fulfilled one prophecy.

“We are seeing the fulfillment of prophecy. I don’t know when the Lord will return, but I know that today is the day approached,” said Robert Jeffress — pastor First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas.

“This is also a prophetic moment, because God promised Israel in the Book of Deuteronomy concerning the Nations: “I will Make thee the head and not the tail,” says pastor John Hage, the organization “Christians United for Israel.”

Others saw this as the fact that Israel takes its place among the Nations.

“One of the most blatant manifestations of double standards is that Israel is the only country in the world, which do not allow to determine its own capital. I hope we see the beginning of the end of such relationship to the Israelites, and to them will be treated as full citizens of the world”, — said the lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

“That is the message to Israel’s enemies: here its capital, here the American Embassy, deal with it,” says radio host mark Levin.

Meanwhile, thousands of Palestinians rioted near the border with Israel in Gaza, protesting against the transfer of the Embassy, as well as noting the so-called Nakba Day, meaning “catastrophe” that befell Palestinians, when it was created the State of Israel. As stated by officials of Gaza, during the riots killed more than fifty people, and hundreds more were injured. The IDF dropped thousands of leaflets, which warned the protesters not to approach the border and accused the uprising of the terrorist group Hamas.

“We will not tolerate such violence. We will continue to protect our sovereignty, our citizens and our border. We will do this by trying to minimize the number of victims, however, will not allow the rebels to break through the border and to harm Israeli civilians who are nearby,” — said the official representative of army of defense of Israel Yonatan Conicus.

In Israel stated that, according to the trapped residents of Gaza, Hamas encourages children to climb over the fence. It is reported that the militants want to put the riots on the international level as a popular uprising, not the provocation of Hamas.

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