A Bible Museum in Washington has collected more than half a million visitors in six months

A Bible Museum in Washington has attracted more than half a million visitors in six months — he was built three years and cost 500 million dollars, reports the Week.

A great Book turned out to be a very popular Museum object in a crowded market of the capital city. Many other museums can boast such attendance.

“We are very encouraged by the fact that more than half a million people passed through the famous gate of Gutenberg from November last year to see the largest Bible Museum in the world — said Cary summers (Cary Summers), President of the Museum.

The Bible Museum is located just two blocks from the National Esplanade — a Park and Museum area in the centre of the US capital between the us Capitol and the Washington monument, where the abundance of art galleries and various museums. At the time of opening the Museum was about 1600 items, and three quarters of a different historical editions of the Bible and the ancient manuscripts, purchased largely thanks to one of the founders of the Museum, Steve green (Steve Green), President of the network of antique shops, Hobby Lobby.

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