A Christian in Sydney was a finalist for the award “woman of the year”

Surgeon from Sydney Adventist hospital Pajala Mukherjee was declared the finalist in the nomination “Woman of the year”-2019 in New South Wales in Australia.

Writes Logosinfo.org that Mukherjee is one of the four finalists of the award “woman of the year”, Prime Minister of New South Wales. This award is given to outstanding professionals who have made significant contributions to the development of New South Wales, and is a good role model for other women.

Professor Mukherjee is the Deputy Chairman of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS), state Committee of New South Wales, Director of otolaryngology research at the Institute for academic surgery at the Royal Prince Alfred hospital and a member of the research Foundation of ménière’s (Sydney medical school).

The award ceremony “woman of the year in New South Wales” for the year 2019 will occur at a ceremony in Sydney on Thursday, 7 March, the eve of International women’s day.

This is not the first case where a woman working in the health care institution of the seventh-day Adventists, located in Wahroonga, New South Wales, was included in the shortlist for the award.


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