A cleric of the UOC: the Dissenters prefer their own will to the will of God

The Confessor of the Kyiv theological schools Archimandrite Markell (Pavuk)

The fate of those who go into schism for the sake of political or national affiliation, deplorable, said Archimandrite Marcellus.

People who fall away from the Church and go into schism, thus I prefer my own will to the will of God, gave the words of the Confessor of the Kiev theological schools of Archimandrite Markell (Pavaka) the Internet-the magazine “Foma in Ukraine”.

“Even more deplorable fate of those people who fall away from the Church due to political and national bias and go into schism. They, not realizing it, boldly and openly declare to God that “we want, that is not Yours, but our will was important in life”. Not coincidentally, St. John Chrysostom said that the sin of schism is not washed away even with the blood of martyrs,” said the priest.

When a person is relying only on himself, he loses the sense of Truth, and without this divine Light it is like in the dark, making many mistakes and ignominiously killed, explained Archimandrite Marcellus.

“This way, unfortunately, are all ancient and modern heretics, starting with monophylites, who taught that in Christ is one (divine) will, and ending with the Catholics, Protestants and representatives of new religious movements emerging before our eyes”, he said.

The priest said that the believer must learn his “often vacillating, unstable and weak” will to harmonize with God’s will, to get rid of passions and attain inner freedom.

“The last offer through fulfillment of the Commandments and the inner voice of conscience, laid in the soul of the Creator as an accurate indicator of Truth,” said the Confessor KDA.

Without the ability to align our wills with God’s will is lost and the meaning of asceticism –fasting, abstinence, mental and bodily feelings, careful and continuous prayers, I’m sure Archimandrite Marcellus.

“We see that those Christian denominations that broke away from the Orthodox Church – or completely abandon austerity (as Protestants), or reduce it to a minimum (as the Catholics)”, – gave the example of a cleric of the UOC.

When the Church at the sixth Ecumenical Council approved that in Christ not one, but two wills – divine and human, she thereby emphasized the importance in life of every person who desires salvation, to be able to align our wills with God’s will, summed up the priest.

That “truth” leads a person to spiritual destruction in spite of all its apparent beauty and prospect, and only doing the will of God brings life, said the Primate of the UOC his Beatitude Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine Onufry. “The man who started the spiritual life who had reached the state of humility, seeking not his own will, but the will of God,” he said.

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