A compromise was found: the scene in the Park will take Novoslobodskaya found the ruins of the temple


The scene in Novoslobodskaya Park will transfer to another place, reports the website of the Moscow mayor. This is due to the fact that during the excavations, archaeologists discovered at this place the ruins of the temple of the Three Hierarchs of the former of all who sorrow monastery. They recognized the identified object of cultural heritage.

“The need for proper conservation and preservation of this monument from the very beginning it was clear for us and for our colleagues in the Prefecture. After discussing this problem with representatives of the expert community, archaeologists and the Patriarchate had finally decided on the transfer scene, which was built in Soviet times. Currently, experts are developing a project for the future conservation of the Church on the eve of the autumn-winter period”, — said the head of the Department of cultural heritage Alexey Emelyanov.

The temple ruins are under government protection. Any breach of safety will be punished. You also can not interfere with the work of archaeologists.

In the former of all who sorrow monastery, archaeologists have made many interesting finds. In early June, the specialists found a white marble cross. Its height is one and a half meters, width — 60 inches. This artifact suggests that next to the former monastery before it was a cemetery.

Archaeologists also found a piece of metal fittings doors, tiles, bricks with stamps, the 20-penny coin, 1880 and metal pectoral cross. All the artifacts are now investigating professionals. After studying the findings will give the capital’s museums.

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