Australians just a few days awaiting a national survey, the results of which can change the institution of marriage in their country. According to preliminary data, the majority for the legalization of same-sex marriage. The survey, as you can imagine, sparked controversy, but also prompted the Church to action.

“Slippery slope” — a political “Party of Freedom” describes where he sets Australia, if the voters approve same-sex marriage.

“Recognition require proponents of same-sex marriage. Then why not recognize polygamy? Why not accept bestiality? And where does it end?” — exclaims Nick Fox, a member of the freedom Party.

“I’m all for giving marriage a new definition. Because there are new values, about myself say different minorities. You need to recognize their legitimate demands, feelings, and rights,” says one of the women.

In recent weeks, Australians have been mailed ballots, in which they can answer “Yes” or “no” to the question, “Should the law be changed to allow to marry same-sex couples?” If Australians would support this idea, the law will be changed only after the Parliament takes the respective decision on the basis of this Advisory referendum. According to political scientist bill Muhlenberg, for the last thirteen years the Parliament tried to change the law 22 times. Every time the vote failed.

“Many people don’t realize how serious it is. Take the so-called safe schools programme, which in fact promotes homosexualism among our children — it all comes in the kit. Adopting same-sex marriage, you will get them much more,” — explains the analyst and cultural anthropologist bill Muhlenberg.

Councilman Casey Rosalie Crestani says that her chase when she expressed concern about the promotion of homosexuality in society.

“Many are now speaking in support of LGBT rights. I expressed concern in this regard, but colleagues disagreed. Even if they agreed, then did not support me in public. In fact, they made it clear that I should be removed from office. You will not escape the persecution, will not escape criticism and ridicule, but still be able to change something,” she says.

People came to the March for marriage. They go around the city, expressing his opinion that the definition of marriage cannot be changed. Their goal is to ensure that people heard them, he thought, and didn’t vote for gay marriage.

“Everything will change if you change the definition of marriage. There is a real revolution in culture, it will change the environment in which to grow up your children. The words “mother” and “father” may disappear from the dictionary, if someone deems discriminatory and biased,” says bill Muhlenberg.

And pastor Daniel Nalliah calls this post a poll on same-sex marriage a blessing in disguise.

“I have never seen the Church in Australia was so active in a particular issue as this. Australia proved that it is thousands of men and women who can stand up and say, “This is wrong! We want marriage and then considered the Union of man and woman.” We will not allow just to win the next generation. We will stand and fight to the end”, says Daniel Nalliah, the founder of the Ministry, “Catch the Fire”.

While wanting to vote “Yes” while the majority, pastor of Nellie and other Christians urge the remaining voters to reject same-sex marriage. And whatever happens, churches like this, customized to pray that Australia had fulfilled the plan of God.

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