A gas explosion in Magnitogorsk that is known at the moment

In Magnitogorsk the Chelyabinsk region at around 4:00 GMT on struck the entrance of a house at prospect Karl Marx, 164. According to preliminary data, the collapse has occurred from-for explosion of household gas.

Photo : EMERCOM of Russia in the Chelyabinsk region

At the entrance spelled out 111 persons + 9 persons rented an apartment (120). According to 20.28 GMT, 7 people were killed, hospitalized for 4 persons, including 2 children, reported in the MOE. The Minister Evgeny Senichev said that under the rubble can be from 36 to 40. The Governor of the region Boris Dubrovsky said that after the gas explosion , the whereabouts of 35 people, including seven children.

EMERCOM of Russia has published a list of 35 residents of the destroyed home, the whereabouts of which is unknown. In the list of the Magnitogorsk city hall 45 people, which can not be found after the explosion. Anyone who can help with information about them, please contact us by phone hotline emergency: 8-800-775-17-17.

— On-site continuing rescue work. The work is complicated by the threat of possible further collapse of the building, as well as low temperature, – told in the MOE. Participating in shifts from the rubble, working arrived cynological calculations. For a survey of the condition of the building is deployed arrived from Ekaterinburg mobile diagnostic complex “Strela-P”. With the aim of listening to ground zero is “minute of silence”. At the scene organized the work of psychologists EMERCOM of Russia in the Chelyabinsk region, Federal government institution “Center of emergency psychological aid EMERCOM of Russia” (Ekaterinburg), psychologists rers.

The work will be carried out round the clock. The question of lighting the grounds at night, according to the regional authorities. The head of the emergencies Ministry said that to predict the timing of completion of the works is not yet possible.

— Hard to say, and even experts still can not say. Approximately two days, the Minister said. He also added that work is being done cautiously, “it Might seem that we are not in a hurry, but on a place of works there is a risk for rescuers”.

— Due to the fact that the home panel, you cannot begin to clear the debris from the bottom — there is a high risk of a subsequent collapse — said the head of Magnitogorsk Sergey Berdnikov. — In the basement of the already collapsed ceiling. Dismantling is conducted from the upper floors.

The place of tragedy there has arrived the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. He held a meeting in the situation room and visited the hospital affected by the explosion of a teenager.

According to Vice-Governor Oleg Klimov, the police, the administration and the management company set up, how many people were in the house at the time of the explosion. Experts examine the building structure.

Oleg Klimov said that, judging from the damage, a gas explosion occurred on the second floor above the arch.

“In the street minus temperature. First, we have solved the question of how not to freeze the house, and the second — the number of people”, — said Deputy Governor. In his words, evacuated residents are placed in school.

The rescue centre works in magnitogorskii school No. 14. Photo: 74.ru

— We 14-th school. The apartment is no more. The floor collapsed on the third floor. Side of the stove stood. The child barely pulled, — said Elena, one of the victims.

— Hit seventh door, my aunt lives in the eighth, — told in social networks Natalia Talantseva. Were evacuated, after a stroke, goes very bad. Carried on the hands.

My grandparents on the cradle was removed from the ninth floor. Lived in the building, — said Oksana.

The Governor Boris Dubrovsky said that “all victims receive and will be provided all necessary help and support. People will be given temporary housing”. He ordered the transfer to Magnitogorsk required number of sets of linen, beds and mattresses.

Also the head of the region reported that residents of the collapsed houses will be bought for the new apartment. The families of those killed during the explosion will be paid 100 thousand rubles from the regional budget, the victims — 50 thousand rubles.

The Ministry of health reported that from Moscow to Magnitogorsk sent a team of psychologists and psychiatrists to assist the victims and their families. Also, on behalf of the President, there will arrive the head of Department Veronika Skvortsova. In the Chelyabinsk region has taken off and the head EMERCOM of Russia Evgeny Sinchew.

The Ministry of health warned against the above cheaters.

— Attention! High risk of fraud, speculating on the incident in Magnitogorsk, — reported in the telegram channel, the press service of the Ministry. — Assure that all necessary medical care will be free. Forces and means enough. No money for treatment required!

The city declared a state of emergency.

– It is beyond words. Markets empty, I went to the store for bread – all the people in mourning, smiles, no, – says the resident of Magnitogorsk in the urban community “Vkontakte”.

Main Department of emergency situations has opened a hotline in connection with the incident. You can call the number 8 (351) 239-99-99. You can also contact city staff for emergency situations: 8-3519-40-26-23.

The administration of Magnitogorsk has addressed to all residents of the 6 th, 7 th, 8 th entrances of the house №164 on the Avenue of Karl Marx to provide information about his whereabouts to the headquarters of CHS at the address: street Galiullina, 11/3, (school №14) or by phone: 8-3519-40-26-23.

— Currently, rescue operations are conducted and the diagnostics of the remaining sections of the house – said the head of Magnitogorsk Sergey Berdnikov. — Today, the house will be fully vetted, and tomorrow we will provide information on visiting the residents of their apartments in order to pick up necessities.

Photo: 74.ru

People left without a roof over his head, ready to take in the hotel “silver city”, located on Lenin Avenue, 1/1, (phone: 23-02-59), in the dormitory of the Polytechnical College on the Avenue of Karl Marx, 133 (phone: 58-03-49), the dormitory of the University on the Avenue of Karl Marx, 50/1, in a hostel with hotel Laguna (phone: 27-93-95).

In Magnitogorsk the public write that those who are trying to cash in on people’s grief, send a personal message to the card number, supposedly to transfer funds to the victims. While the right details for the financial assistance to the victims published on the website of the municipality.

On the scene left Bishop Innokenty of Magnitogorsk. He visited the headquarters of the victims, where the representatives of the administration of the city and region, representatives of EMERCOM of Russia in Magnitogorsk and nearby areas, police officers, psychologists.

Bishop Innokenty told “Pravmiru” as the Church supports the victims.

– I have made the Liturgy and during it we prayed for those who suffered, for the repose of those who died. After the Liturgy, immediately called an emergency meeting, and I am here – said the Bishop. – We opened the field kitchen for the staff of the Ministry, after all we have 20 degrees below zero, too cold to work here, they can immediately hot food to feed.

According to him, “the priests on duty there, where relatives gathered, waiting for search results”.

“Tomorrow morning we plan to go to hospitals,” added the Bishop.

The question of how priests can in this situation to help, he replied: “Simple. Outside the house sits a family whose daughter was definitely home, and the son-in-law not communicate off the phone, he could work at night. Grandchildren, thank God, they had, and two grandchildren survived. Just a word of encouragement, just to give a hug, that’s good. It is seen that the person calms down”.

Communicate with clergy and with people who have not suffered from explosion, but from-for cordons are not able to get into your home, “Starostecki was 7 people. Sit, say that they want to their apartments to go to other entrances, and they are closed. Need to find an approach to them, explain that you will not be allowed. One family gave my car to take grandma home because she cannot walk, could not walk to the tram. Mostly, of course, a word of encouragement. We do not impose, but trying to help.”

“Family as a loss. Basically fit, simply asked, “Pray”,” concluded Bishop innocent.

The head of social services of the diocese Archpriest Sergius of Rezepov Magnitogorsk and rural Dean of the district Archpriest Theodore Saprykin went to school # 14 to assist everyone affected by the tragedy.

The correspondent of “Pravmir” I talked to the Secretary of the Magnitogorsk diocese, priest Lion Baklitskiy.

We immediately called an emergency meeting of all our city rectors, went to the scene of the tragedy and the headquarters for the liquidation of the tragedy, he said. – The inhabitants of the neighborhood entrances, which cannot yet go home, most went to relatives, about 15 people were accommodated in school No. 14, headquarters. The city administration did everything that they were fed, clothed. The citizens there are very much clothes, hygiene products, organized the work of volunteers who sort these things. There’s also the relatives of those who disappeared, while the rubble. There are our priests, one woman received communion. There’s also police work and psychologists of the emergencies Ministry.

It is clear that the location of the dam do not let anyone close. Agree that once people from under the debris will enter the hospital if they have the desire, we will immediately go there, – said father Leo.

We also talked with the priest Theodore Tereshchenko.

– I found out about the incident this morning from the news feeds. Immediately announced to the congregation, we prayed for the whole Church. After the service, parishioners gathered clothes, blankets, all of which I collected the car and drove to the headquarters of the school, he said. – In the diocese had a meeting and we decided to allocate a priest who would help the relatives of those who are under the rubble. They sit in the headquarters and know nothing about where their loved ones.

– We went to organise this work with the social Department of the Magnitogorsk diocese, put in place a staff on duty. There will be priests in turn and if someone need spiritual nourishment, spiritual or psychological help, our priest will be there until we get through all the rubble.

One woman turned to the priest. Said that he wanted to go to Church, confessed and received communion at the headquarters.

Now there is very much confusion. The whole city has responded to this disaster, people have an endless stream of clothes, hygiene products, warm blankets. Are the volunteers all send, someone to understand things, someone takes them – said father Theodore.

Priest Maxim Kuznetsov told “Pravmiru”, now on duty at headquarters.

– The whole town is involved, all the organizations carry things, groceries. I as priest talk to the victims. They talk about what happened. Many a state of shock, you need to show maximum attention and give us hope and comfort. Those who are here, do not know the fate of their loved ones. Information yet, and this waiting is very painful – when you do not know, live or not your relatives. Here is a woman with a child from the 8th floor was saved, and behind them all collapsed and her husband was gone. Now what?

The Church participates, father Innokenty from the first minute, when I heard it was in administration, and on the scene. Organized all the priests that shifts were on duty and helped those who were injured, – said father Maxim.

The diocese has provided MCHS Rossii field kitchen to assist. Social service of the diocese prepared and sent warm clothes to the educational school No. 14, located where city staff assistance.

Bishop innocent issued a decree that the Liturgy in all the churches of the city offered up petitions “for the repose of those killed in the building collapse of Orthodox Christians”, “for the health of all the victims of the building collapse in the city and whatnot.”

The head of the Chelyabinsk Archdiocese, Bishop Gregory expressed his condolences for the tragedy.

– Saddened by the news of the tragedy that took place on 31 December in Magnitogorsk. Sincerely sympathize with the victims. Pray for all who died and their families I offer my condolences. People who need help, the priests of the Magnitogorsk diocese will provide spiritual support and help, he said.

Condolences on the loss of life was expressed by the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill.

“I Express my sincere condolences to all those affected by this terrible catastrophe. Pray to the Lord that He sent down His grace comfort the families of the victims and strengthen them spiritually and bodily,” noted the Primate to the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky.

The Patriarch expressed hope that “the regional authorities will provide all necessary support to the families of the victims and those who lost as a result of the tragedy his family members.” He also assured that the priests and laity of the Magnitogorsk diocese, “for its part, is ready spiritually to help all the needy and share with them the hardships and sorrow of difficult trials.”

“The tragedy occurred on the eve of Christmas and new year celebrations, when many people were preparing to celebrate the holidays at home with family and friends. Those who are touched by this disaster, especially now need our attention and care. With appreciation I would like to note that the clergy and laity of the Magnitogorsk diocese seek to provide active aid and spiritual support of relatives of the victims”, – said the Primate of the Church in the Epistle to the Bishop of Magnitogorsk and Verkhneuralsk Innokenty.

The letter also said that the Patriarch prays for the repose of the dead and speedy recovery of the wounded.

Photo: 74.ru

Residents unite to help those who remained without habitation from-for explosion.

— Let’s make it so that victims are not left in the new year’s eve in the center of temporary assistance! suggested Svetlana Koynova. — I can accommodate one adult and two children. The number 40-23-26 you can leave your details and say how many people you will be taken to him. Let in new year’s eve people will have at least a little joy!

In social networks there are increasing reports from those who are willing to shelter victims. They have about a hundred. A lot of posts about those who are willing to share clothes, says 74.ru.

People were carrying clothes to the headquarters in Magnitogorsk school № 14.

Now was the headquarters of the 14-th school, — said Helen Dill. — Clothes very much. Need baby food and children’s underwear lower.

— Need flasks, chargers, underwear, diapers, added Sonia Cherepanov.

— Wet wipes, personal hygiene products, toothbrushes, soap — someone that can! — said Oleg Vazhenin.

The collection of items, food and medical supplies for the victims is currently closed. The head of Magnitogorsk Sergey Berdnikov expressed to all citizens, the gratitude for the care, compassion and concern.

— In case of lack of things or food information will be communicated to residents, — stated in the message of the city hall.

Magnitogorsk citizens agree to social networks to abandon the night’s fireworks.

— Guys! Not going tonight to start the fireworks. The entire city. I call on several residents.

Photo: 74.ru

Tenants are promised in the shortest terms to restore lost in the explosion of a passport. People waiting in the police Department on Karl Marx Prospekt, 168 or call the number below:

The division in the migration OP “right Bank” in Magnitogorsk:

  • cell: +7 999 371-00-91, +7 999 371-00-92, +7 999 371-00-85;
  • working: (3519) 28-91-80, 28-91-86, 28-91-84.

The office for migration issues of the Moi in the Chelyabinsk region: +7 999 371-26-80.

Official representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia Svetlana Petrenko has told that criminal case as regards 3 articles 109 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (causing death on imprudence to two and more persons).

— Now on a scene rescuers continues the rubble, — said Petrenko. — Investigators of investigative management of SK of Russia with participation of investigators-forensics regional Department carried out the inspection of the scene, are questioning possible witnesses and eyewitnesses. The investigation is considering all possible versions of what happened.

Photo: 74.ru

Arrived at the scene investigators-criminalists from Central office. To investigate the explosion will be in Moscow employees of SK.

The website 74.ru there was a record of the time of the explosion in desyatietazhki on Karl Marx Avenue in Magnitogorsk. Watch the video recorded the exact time PE — 6:02. Recorded at the warehouse, located on the first floor of the house, slightly to the right of the collapsed section.

The Prosecutor’s office will check on serviced gas appliances in the house where the explosion occurred. On a scene the Prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk area Vitaly Lapin.

— The audit will assess the legality of the service, the gas service in-house gas equipment, timeliness and frequency of its examinations, — said senior assistant Prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk region Natalia Mamaeva.

Version of the tragedy of messages in social networks:

— I think it’s because of those two characters, which two months walking around the city and submitted by gasman (scammers). And change the hoses to their normal work take 1500 rubles, suggests Stanislav Sokolov.

— Our cry has not been previously heard and as a consequence of such sorrow, such tragedy! I don’t think it’s suicide or someone warming up the gas. Please the relevant services, check all the houses, where were these fraudsters! Scary house to be, — says Arina Makarova.

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