A German priest on horseback brought to Novgorod the Great “bell of peace” – Your Bible

The priest Helmut cauz of the German city of Pants on horses brought to Novgorod the Great “bell of peace”.

The “tour of friendship” will go through Poland, Kaliningrad oblast, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia in Russian Novgorod. The travelers intend to overcome the 2 100 km, reports the Christian megaportal invictory.com citing Blagovest-info.

A journey along the medieval Hanseatic trade route will take place on 9 wagons pulled by 18 horses-heavy horses, writes Pravmir with reference to IA Veliky Novgorod.ru.

“With those people we might meet on the road, we will share our vision of a United Europe, the way we connected by a common history, which you can even feel in the Russian city of Veliky Novgorod – there is a bronze gate depicting the Magdeburg Archbishop Wichmann”, – said Helmut cauz.

Brought bell in “the sign of peace and understanding” will set in one of the Novgorod churches.

Money for the project collected all the world via a crowdfunding campaign. Journey organizes Combining breeding and sport in the Shire horse town Pants.

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