A “hole” in the heart of the operation at the expense of the parents

Rita 5 years. She has a congenital heart defect, atrial septal defect. Simply put, a “hole” in the heart. The blood circulation is poor. And the older Rita becomes, the harder her heart. If operation is not done, someday it will not sustain the load. Close the defect with a special device – occluder. Rita complicated case – hole with offset. But the doctors of the Scientific center of cardiovascular surgery them. Bakuleva ready to carry out such an operation. It remains to find the money for it.

Margarita. Photo: Olga Vorontsova

  • Year I suffered and drank painkillers – but the body does not take the drug
  • Stas can not miss any injections
  • Convinced that an attack from fatigue, but it was a new tumor
  • Hemophilia, cancer, and there is no bottom to this horror
  • We cried and talked about the disease through music “about death”

She’s only 4 months and have to wait for surgery

Pediatrician in the clinic has applied a stethoscope to the heart of a small three-month Margarita and frozen.

– I can’t say, but seem to have a noise – she said.

Nicholas and Anna looked at each other.

– The doctor, all was fine. And in the third trimester of pregnancy, the ultrasound results were good, – says Nikolay worrying.

– Well, come back in a month. Maybe I thought the pediatrician reassuring nods.

Rita with her parents. Photo: Olga Vorontsova

But a month later she again heard a noise:

– Let’s touch base, go for the scan.

Anna and Nicholas still do not know how lucky they are that the pediatrician “reinsured”. Usually examination by a district physician to detect atrial septal defect hard – pathological heart murmurs are frequently absent. But ultrasound concerns to the pediatrician confirmed:

– Yes, your girl has a congenital heart defect, atrial septal defect.

– What do we do now? – asked Anna in confusion. She’s only 4 months, doctor.

– Wait until the girl gets older and you can do the operation, – said the doctor.

And then they waited. Rita put on record in the cardiology Department. Now ultrasound and check regularly, but after some time heart disease began to show itself.

Here Rita is taking its first steps, trying, difficult breathing, noisy breathing then starts to breath like the air ends and lips become blue. It’s the heart.

Here Rita is playing on the Playground, she is already 4 years old, and mother of the other children asked Anna: “And your day sleeping? My now completely ceased”. And Anna sighs. Rita NAPs. No, not so: it just falls from exhaustion. It’s the heart. Here’s Anna with Nikolai decide to give a daughter in kindergarten. Rita loves to play with children. Maybe nothing, maybe? But after a week SARS Rita falls ill and can not recover for a month. It’s the heart.

Rita. Photo: Olga Vorontsova

In healthy human arterial blood from the lungs to the left atrium, enters the left ventricle and the aorta. But Rita the direction of the flow of blood through the defect is changing: instead of left-right reset appears the right or the left. Venous, oxygen-poor blood goes into the General circulation. Starts oxygen starvation of tissues.

And every year Retinal life her heart cope with the blood circulation getting worse, because Rita is growing. Every year Rita’s tired or sick more often.

The case can get in textbooks, but the operation at the expense of the parents

A “hole” in the heart of Rita can be closed with a special device – occluder. The situation is complicated by the fact that the hole in the heart Rita is offset to the aorta, and on the side facing the aorta is very short to catch the occluder difficult.

But even if doctors are taken to perform the surgery. And Rita could become the first Russian child who will conduct this operation at such an early age. The doctor will even convene a conference, invite colleagues from the regions to show that these operations make possible not only in Germany, Israel, USA. And maybe if Rita will even enter textbooks.

Nicholas and Anna wrote a letter to the Ministry of health with a request to allocate a quota for the occluder and received the answer: “high-Tech operations are not included in the list of compulsory medical insurance”. Parents should pay for the operation of their funds.

But Anna does not work, sits with Rita and Nicholas ordinary programmer – they do not save even for a year.

Margaret, mother Anna and father Nicholas. Photo: Olga Vorontsova

And Rita is tired to bluish pallor, and sleeping during the day for a few hours of weakness, it hurts all the more often and harder. Endovascular (non-invasive) surgery for closure of atrial septal defect with occluder will give the opportunity for Rita to live and develop in a timely manner.

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