A mammogram and a test for clotting — where can I get a free screening

Breast cancer is getting younger, but with early detection can be cured in 94% of cases. A clotting test. important to the people who take indirect anticoagulants – blood-thinning medications. October – the month of fight against breast cancer, October 13 – world day of thrombosis. Where examined, says “Pravmir”.

Breast cancer: early treatment is successful in 94% of cases

Why is it important

October — world month fight against breast cancer.

This is the most common cancer among women — one in seven women may be faced with this diagnosis during life, and with age the risk increases. The disease is becoming younger, increasingly, breast cancer is diagnosed in women younger than 40 years.

In recent years, the rising incidence of breast cancer in women 19-40 years was 34% and in the group of 30 — 39 years 41%. In 2017 in Russia, the diagnosis was made more than 70 thousands of women.

According to the American society of plastic surgeons, specializing in breast cancer, early detection of the tumor can successfully be cured in 94% of cases.



How to get tested

Women from 18 to 40 years mammologists recommend every year undergo a breast ultrasound. From 40 years to undergo a mammogram.

This fall, the company-manufacturer of medical equipment Philips conducts a social initiative #PROSLA — in clinics-the project partners will offer free diagnostic testing for women. Diagnosis should take place on 5-12 day cycle.

List of cities and partner clinics and performances can be found on the website Philips.ru/PinkOctober


On the website you can learn more about breast cancer and methods of early diagnostics — from the documentary “#APROCHE” Leonid Parfenov and Katerina Gordeeva.


Test on blood coagulation: at least once a month

What is INR and for whom this is important

INR – international normalized ratio, a vital measure of blood clotting. First and foremost, this analysis is necessary for those who regularly takes indirect anticoagulants (e.g. warfarin) — medicines that thin the blood and prevent blood clots – dangerous blood clots. Blood clots — one of the causes of death from cardiovascular disease – stroke and heart attack.

Improper dose of anticoagulant can lead to serious consequences: if too high a dose increases the risk of bleeding, while insufficient as the risk of blood clots. So at the same time you are taking warfarin you need to constantly check INR.

How often to check the level of blood clotting INR

At least once a month. Ideally, every week or after changes in diet, ingestion of new drugs, etc. But in reality many patients do it rarely, because for the test you need to get the direction of the therapist or the cardiologist and go through a rather unpleasant procedure of venous blood. The way from the appointment to the specialist to obtain recommendations and result may take a few days.

Where to do the rapid test

13 October is world thrombosis day. By this date the Russian society of cardiology carries out the action “Day of MNO” — patients receiving indirect anticoagulants, in 25 cities will be free to test the level of blood clotting.

The list of cities and medical institutions, where you can get a free diagnosis and politicocultural specialist available on the website www.mnoportal.ru to request by phone of the hot line 8-800-100-19-68.



On the website you can arrange access to the private educational course “Say Yes to INR self-monitoring”.



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