In the slums of Rio de Janeiro for the past many decades are missionaries. One sympathetic to the needs of people, the woman gives hope for the future to children of the area, steeped in drugs and crime. It changes their lives for the sake of Jesus Christ.

Missionary Edmea Williams walks the streets of the favela Santa Marta in Rio de Janeiro, getting hugs and attention. But at first it was not so. She came here 26 years ago, when it was the most dangerous place in Rio. The police did not dare to come here. The area was known as a center of witchcraft, which was celebrated and human sacrifices. But Edmea felt something special in the children of the favela.

“Here the main problem is that most mothers are single, mainly their husbands in prison — says Edmea Williams. — Having children, women will take them to the nursery. But when children are five years old, they can no longer stay in the nursery. And then, once in the favela, such a child is easily amenable to any influence. He begins to make heroes of the gangsters.”

Edmea founded the “House of Mary and Martha” — the gospel Ministry to children, offering them physical, material and spiritual support.

Wallace Pereira first came to “the House of Mary and Martha” a boy. Many years later, after studying at the University, he returned — now as a teacher. Today is trained and his daughter.

“I began to visit the “House of Mary and Martha” when I was four years old. Later I left the favela and went to study. But I kept in touch with Edmea. Two years ago she called me and I came back here as a teacher,” says Wallace Pereira.

For his work, Edmea receives financial support from several churches and ministries in Brazil. Church “Victory in Christ” sends her donations every month.

“This woman is ideal for such work. God calls people to a call. Here is very respected by all Edmay. We admire her work and help her. She is serious and responsible, and I appreciate these qualities,” says the pastor of “Victory in Christ” Silas Malafaia.

Missionary appreciates the help, but I’m sure in the supernatural provision of God, and therefore, her pantry was always full. But Admei there is one special request: “First of all, I need prayer, because they work under constant threats and dangers. I know that I have an enemy who wants to stop me. I feel it every time. I need prayer and I know that in my life everything is possible, because there are people who pray for me,” says the woman.

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