A monument to the Decalogue in Moldova caused the approval of the society

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October 28, in the town of Vulcanesti, the opening of the memorial “the 10 commandments”.

The last two years in Moldova continually appeals to the public to join efforts with the purpose of development and construction of the memorial dedicated to the Law of God – the 10 commandments. When the question about what will be located in front of the Adventist Church – food stalls, cafes or well-cared Park area with a monument, then, of course, sounded affirmative “Monument to the commandments of God!”.

At the same time, the head of the city hall Viktor Petriolo with understanding and support attitude to the question which was raised by the parishioners of the Church of Seventh-Day Adventists city of Vulcanesti. Of course, various eating places would attract many people and thus has violated the peaceful atmosphere necessary for worship. It was decided to decorate the city Park area, otherwise – to open a memorial to the Decalogue. After making estimates, a period of construction, and then, finally, October 28, long-awaited, joyous event – the Grand opening of the memorial.

“We welcome this event. We supported this initiative as we believe that a monument to the commandments of God will beautify our city and make it better!” – said the mayor of the city Victor Petrillo.

Pastor Alexander Moldovanu made the dedicatory prayer, asking the God of prosperity for the city, blessings for the guidance and all its inhabitants. On behalf of the administration of the Moldova Union of churches to residents and the local community was addressed by the head of the youth Department of the Adventist Church in Moldova Roman Kasakov.

At the opening of the monument in addition to residents was attended by many guests from nearby villages – all of them celebrated the solemnity and importance of the event. Memorial “the 10 Commandments” – the first in Moldova. The organizers believe that it will help people to remember God’s commandments of love, written in stone will remain in the hearts.

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