You can be arrested if you are a supporter of the movement “For life” and reside in France. A new law may soon be silenced the French movement because of the critic of abortion will become illegal.

The French movement “For life” faced with the law, according to which any site that attempts to convince a woman not to have an abortion is illegal.
Any person convicted under the law, “the crime of the digital intervention” can get two years in prison and a fine in the amount of 31 thousand dollars. While the law only passed through the Senate and the National Assembly and has not yet entered into force. He now revised the highest judicial body of France – the Constitutional Council.

In the United States the movement “For life” is an important political force. But in France, if this law passes, as many expect, it will further weaken the movement against abortion. The government says it is trying to stop the “false news” about abortion. However, the leaders of the movement “For life” call it censorship of their views, and they feel that their traffic want to strangle it.

“This law can lead to the suppression of the movement “For life”, States Jean-Marie Le Mene, President, the Foundation Jerome Lejeune, one of the leading organizations for the protection of life in France.

“The new law is extremely dangerous because it limits freedom of expression. First, it means that the government decides what is right and what is not, what can we say about abortion and what not,” he continues.

The act targets words and messages that can deter, dissuade or discourage women to have an abortion.

“The law quite broadly, as the very fact statements of truth can dissuade a woman from abortion, explains Jean-Marie Le Mene. – When you show what abortion technically is a deterrent”.

In accordance with new French legislation similar to the us sites of the movement “For life” would be illegal.
Opponents of the proposed law referred to the constitutional Council of France, because such a law restricts the freedom of speech. Although this argument probably would have worked in the US, it may be unconvincing in France, where the movement “For life” are long lost in the debate about abortion. France legalized abortion in 1975, and today heads the list of countries in Europe that support abortion. According to the survey more than two-thirds of respondents agreed that a woman should be able to get an abortion whenever you want.

Journalist Anna Elizabeth Mote says that the movement “For life” is perceived by the government as denying women the right to abortion: “the French believe that women have the right to abortion, and you can’t actively oppose them, not to deprive a person of informed choice in relation to the exercise of this right. Work French laws.”

In France, the diagnosis of “down syndrome” 96% of pregnancies are aborted. Last year the French government banned the ad, showing a smiling, happy children with down syndrome. Le Me says that the government is considering abortion as social progress, along with euthanasia, gay rights and gay marriage. Not all French agree with that. Before losing the battle, four million people came out against gay marriage and adoption of children by same-sex couples. France remained essentially a Catholic country, even if most people don’t attend Church regularly. Regarding the new law was not the same widespread indignation, and soon it may come into force that will make it more difficult in France for the protection of unborn children.

“The few constraints that determined the abortion law, now void. This means that organizations like “Planned parenthood”, funded by the government, and the government would get the monopoly to announce the information about abortion which in fact is a lie,” says Jean-Marie Le Mene.

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