A pastor from the United States: a lunar Eclipse on 27 July, the harbinger of the beginning of the Apocalypse – Your Bible

A pastor from the United States said that the lunar Eclipse that was to take place on 27 July this year will lead to the Apocalypse on Earth. The video of his prophecy, and arguments quickly spread through the Christian and secular news agencies, reports IN the LIGHT.

Pastor Paul Begley explained to the users of the Network that the Apocalypse on Earth, will begin as a result of the lunar Eclipse on 27 July Friday. The “blood” moon – sounds like the upcoming sinister. Pastor reminds us that the Bible predicts such an outcome. In the words of the preacher, at night during a full Eclipse, the sun’s rays will be refracted in the Earth’s atmosphere and will illuminate the full moon special purple light. Says Begley, “blood” moon is a much more frightening symptom than previously believed by experts. The end of everything, according to him, closer than ever. He remembered the 70th anniversary of Israel, the volcano on the island of Hawaii and other “signs” of the approaching end of the world.

Begley is actively exploring the theme of Apocalypse and regular reviews of their research online. This time, he said that on July 27 2018 is not doomsday, but is a sign of the end times, followed by the Apocalypse. The pastor said that to deny such an assertion is impossible, because, without a doubt, “blood” moon is a prophetic symbol.

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