This week was marked by several earthquakes. They occurred in the region known as the Pacific ring of fire. In Japan, two earthquakes in two days destroyed many buildings and claimed the lives of nearly fifty people. The ocean, in Ecuador, is even worse. Earthquake by force 7,8 points have killed hundreds of people and require billions to rebuild.

In Ecuador, on Sunday, Christians prayed for the victims of the most powerful earthquakes in the country over the past decade. An earthquake measuring 7.8 points occurred on Saturday evening, 170 kilometers West of Quito, the country’s capital. “The biggest tragedy for the last 67 years,” said the President of Ecuador.
But there were miracles. Here the police get the girl from under piles of concrete rubble. And the lifeguard explains that they are trying to rescue a woman stuck on the belt. And four thousand miles on the other side of the Pacific ring of fire, Japan, resulted from two earthquakes killed at least 40 people and more than thousands were injured near the city of Kumamoto on Thursday evening and early Sunday morning. Because of destroyed roads and bridges even more difficult to access for victims who desperately need food, water and medicine.
US forces assist the Japanese self-defense forces. And “Operation blessing” is valid in both countries. In Japan it delivers generators, water and food. “Operation blessing” is working closely with the Church, “the Harvest” in Kumamoto and pastor Yoji Nakamura, whose Church is in the center of the city, near the epicenter. And in Ecuador, “Operation blessing” sets a kitchen to provide food for the victims of the tragedy.

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