In early November, a powerful Typhoon struck the coastal areas of Vietnam. As a result, at least 106 people were killed and thousands were left homeless. The humanitarian Department of the CBN was the first to provide assistance to people in remote areas.

Tropical storm “Damri”, which became the strongest in Vietnam in 16 years, struck the southern and Central provinces of the country. Da Nang city, which this year takes the summit of the Asia-Pacific economic cooperation, also suffered.
In the storm killed at least 106 people and thousands were left homeless. Many areas were flooded due to heavy rains, cut off from the cities many villages.

Residents trapped in flooded homes, was delighted when the staff of the CBN in Vietnam quickly brought them food and water. According to Chau Liu, coordinator of our Vietnamese Department for assistance in natural disasters, the members of her team on the boats gave people food and water. She says the villagers were very grateful to them, because this is the first time someone came to help them.

Here’s to what level that was flooded administration building and most homes in this area. Only after four days, the flood waters finally receded. So today it’s time to do the cleaning, and the staff of CBN is also the time to deliver to flood victims food, water and money to help them return to normal life. Chow Liu said that this is also an opportunity to share the love of Christ with these people who are mostly poor farmers. She says: “Because Vietnam is a Communist country, it is not allowed to openly share the gospel with people. But I tell them: I help you because I love Christ, and Christ sends me to you because He loves you.”

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