A priest of the diocese of Odessa has set a new record in powerlifting

Father Victor Kochmar

Father Victor Kochmar won three medals at the national competitions paurlifting and beat your own record.

UOC-MP priest from the village Cuba Bolgrad district of Odessa region Victor Kochmar set a new record of Ukraine held in Krivoy Rog Cup AWPC/WPC in powerlifting. It is reported “the Dnipro. Comments”.

At these competitions has established the new discipline of “simply lifting barbells for biceps”. Priest-powerlifter was the best in the open and their age groups, and in the absolute division, winning three medals. In addition, the competition Victor Kochmar managed to break his own record, established in the spring of this year, when he lifted 80 pounds. This time the priest-athlete set a new record for Ukraine, lifting on a biceps 85-killogramovy rod.

Prior to that, Victor set a world record by lifting exercise the bench press shells weighing 245 lbs.

Earlier, the rector of the Church of the Dormition of the virgin in the village of Krasnoarmeyskoe of the Bolgradsky region of Odessa region the priest Victor Kochmar won two gold medals at the International powerlifting championship.

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