A supporter of Israel, Nikki Haley leaves the post of U.S. representative to the UN

One of the main supporters of Israel in the administration of tramp leaves the post. As a US representative to the UN, Nikki Haley defended the Jewish state and opposed the anti-Semitism in the world. Haley’s statement of resignation from the administration surprised many, but not the President.

Haley told the President about his plans to retire six months ago, and now announced them officially. She plans to remain in office until the end of the year.

“I believe that we need to be selfless enough to know when it is time to step aside and allow others to take the case. Thank you, Mr. President, I was honored,” says Nikki Haley.

The US representative to the UN, Nikki Haley, joined the highest number of persons planning to leave the White house.

“It was a blessing every day to come to the UN in body armor and defend America,” she says.

Hayley represented the United States at the UN, speaking out against North Korea, Russia and Iran. She joined the attack on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for using chemical weapons against the civilian population.
She advocated for those who are not heard, when the US withdrew from the UN Council on human rights.

“When the so-called Council for human rights is unable to meet to deal with large-scale violations in Iran and Venezuela, but accepts the Democratic Republic of the Congo as a new member of the Council ceases to be worthy of its name”, said Hayley.

At the same time, Haley has continued to support Israel.

“Just look at anti-Israel sentiment and what courage and strength it took for the President to move the Embassy to Jerusalem…” — she said.

Nikki Haley said that her faith in Christ became the basis for support of Israel. She recently joined forces with the President-in-law, Jared Kushner, to negotiate peace with the Palestinians.

“I worked with him on a peace plan for the Middle East and it is very well thought out,” — says Haley.

Senators approved former Governor of South Carolina for the post of U.S. representative to the United Nations on the 4th day of the presidency, trump, 96 votes. She is ready to end its biennial appointment, saying that the time has come to step aside.
“Every day I had to wear a bulletproof vest because I knew it would be a battle. Every day I waited for a new battle,” she replies to the question about their influence on the UN.

“You’ve worked wonders. You’re my friend, and on behalf of the country I want to thank you for the wonderful job. Thank you,” said Donald trump.

President trump said he will name a successor in the next two to three weeks. To the question “what next?” Hayley replied that it would not run in 2020 and will support the re-election trump.

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