Abbess Serafima called 4 huge mistakes when creating ptsu

Abbess of the Holy Archangel Michael nunnery, Odessa hegumeness Serafima (Shevchyk)

When creating new Church structures its creators made a huge mistake and turned Ukraine into a clerical state, said the mother superior Serafima.

The creators of the DNC made some huge mistakes, gave to the words of the abbess of the Holy Archangel Michael nunnery, Odessa abbess Seraphim (Shevchuk) channel “DumskayaTV”.

“When we build any building, we are laying its Foundation of such material to hold it forever was forever. Was now such inherent truth in that Cathedral, which took place? In my opinion, was a huge mistake,” shared the mother superior of the Holy Archangel Michael nunnery in the channel.

In the opinion of the mother superior Seraphim, the creators of a new religious organization made 4 mistakes:

1) when the establishment of the PCU was not catholicity;

2) no real unity, because many Orthodox Christians are left out of the new structure;

3) the formation of new ecclesiastical structures subjected to aggressive politicization;

4) the procedure of establishment, the religious establishment was completely opaque as to the “unifying Council” there were no discussions have not created any of the pre-Council of restitution, and even the leaders of the UOC-KP and the UAOC has repeatedly referred to the lack of information during interviews with the media.

“When it’s opaque, with a huge administrative pressure to do this, and such Church-wide events, you begin to realize that there are very few Church”, – said the abbess of the monastery, Odessa.

She noticed that the eyes of the Ukrainian people gradually there was a change of the state system.

“Now we secular democratic state became a state clerical. Our leaders convene a “Local Councils”, preside over them, get Tomasi, changing the names of Churches,” – commented on the events in the Church life of Ukraine abbess Serafima.

Earlier she said on the inadmissibility of the cancellation of the historic decisions in favor of politicians, and later noted that act No. 5309 is a desecration of the Constitution of Ukraine.

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