The journalist of the “Global Christian news” Abigail Robertson was released on bond from the Washington Bureau of the CBN. She wants to talk about the countries that, according to statistics of the organization “Open doors”, are the most dangerous for Christians.

MHN: Abigail, which, in the opinion of the organization “Open doors” must be made by the President of the United States that the issue of persecution of Christians has become a priority?

Abigail Robertson: In particular, David Curry told me that he thought the Obama administration believes this issue is secondary. And he wants it understood that when the country begins the persecution of Christians, it becomes one of the first prerequisites of the big problems in the future. Soon after this chaotic start of the event: civil wars and coups. Curry wants the Obama administration saw the connection and realized that the persecution is an indicator of more serious problems. This proves the fact that 35 of the most dangerous countries for Christians in the modern world are under the control of Islamic extremist groups.

MHN: What actions can the global Church to help these brothers and sisters who are persecuted for their faith?

Obviously, we can always do one important thing. To offer in prayer our brothers and sisters who are being persecuted around the world, and just to remember them all the time when you pray. And another one to donate finances to organizations that are on the ground and able to render various help to give shelter to the Christians who live in appalling conditions and are persecuted around the world.

MHN: You introduced us to Gladys — the persecuted Christian from Kenya. She said that ordinary Muslims are already starting to confront the extremists. Tell us about it.

Gladys is an amazing woman. In particular, she told me that we should not treat Muslims extremists as enemies. On the contrary, we should work with them to fight these terrorist organizations. Gladys said that the situation in Kenya continues to deteriorate. Militants “al-Shabab” stop the bus, separated the Christians and kill them, and then allow the Muslims to take the bus further. She says that across Kenya began a great prayer movement, after the situation has deteriorated so badly. And Gladys was convinced that God answers prayers, because something incredible happened a few days ago.
Listen to her story: “About two weeks ago there was one very interesting case, which shows that God hears prayers. Militants “al-Shabab” attacked the next bus. When they stopped the bus and ordered people to leave, Muslims in the bus refused to separate from Christians. They said: “you Can kill us all, but you do not separate Christians from us.” Heard that the Christians said, “Yes! God heard our prayers.” It can not be said that we hate Muslims. It is a question of tolerance. We can stay together and respect each other: you and your faith, and I with her, and protect each other,” says Gladys.

And she said she didn’t kill anyone who was on that bus, and it also indicates that prayers work, and we will continue to pray!

MAN: Yes, great news. Abigail, thank you very much for participating in our program.

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