Abolished the death sentence in the case of Asia Bibi has triggered a fierce reaction of Christians of Pakistan

Recently abolished the death sentence in the case of a Christian woman Asia Bibi has caused a mixed reaction in Pakistan. People ispovedi Christianity began to chase and beat. Radical residents block streets, burn cars and create unrest in the cities. They believe that the Supreme Court of Pakistan has been under pressure to free Christian and that the abolition of death sentence in 2010, is not warranted.

As reported by Romana Bashir in an interview with CNN blasphemy laws are used to attack followers of Christ in Pakistan and that the acquittal in the case of Bibi, sparked a fierce reaction.

The Executive Director of the Center for social justice in Lahore Peter Jacob said that there are cases when the instigators of the riots asking questions about religion to the citizens, sitting in cars. If the person responds that he is a Christian, he is “pulled from the vehicle and beaten”.

He warned that “the wounds that remained in the memory and soul” of Christians in Pakistan will not heal as long as will not dissipate the “atmosphere of fear”.

Christians of Pakistan are facing various forms of discrimination: they can only find low-skilled work and they are subject to limitations, because of which they are at the bottom of society.

As reported by Romana Bashir, blasphemy laws (as in the case of Bibi), authorize the court to impose the death penalty even if they claim that they are innocent, and thus the laws give the right for the terror.

Bashir, appointed by Pope Benedict XVI an Advisor of the Commission for religious relations with Muslims, said that the trust between Muslim leaders and the Christians destroyed because of controversy about blasphemy.

“Now both sides are afraid to continue to cooperate, the common ground for dialogue and reconciliation there; after the acquittal of Asia Bibi, the bridges burnt,” she said.

Meanwhile, the fate of the Bibi remains uncertain, because the mother of five children is not allowed to leave Pakistan due to the pressure exerted on the government of the radically-minded citizens.

Several Western countries said that they are looking for ways to help Bibi and her family, however, it is not clear what the government will offer her asylum.



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