Group modern abolitionist Christians use the London flower show to raise awareness about the problem of modern slavery.

“Composition, dedicated to modern slavery, at the world famous London flower show in Chelsea might seem inappropriate, but this idea was sent in the dream, God Himself,” says mirabelle Galvin, abolicionista a Christian of our days.

“He literally asked me about slavery in my sleep. After that, I kept thinking, “What can I do? How can I best serve in this area?” And then I saw another dream. I believe in God who speaks through dreams! He gave me a dream about how to make a garden on the theme of modern slavery,” she continues.

Garden designer Juliet Sargeant has worked hard on composition. She says: “I wanted to emphasize the fact that modern slavery is a crime which is hidden, whereas in the past it was considered acceptable that a person owned by another. In our days it is illegal, so it is a hidden crime, behind closed doors. And I thought that the easiest way to show it with doors to the garden. So we have here the front door — a typical English front door, standing in the garden, and they are brightly colored, beautiful plants. But the space behind these doors in the middle of the garden symbolizes the location of modern-day slaves — it’s dark and there are no live plants”.

“The garden of modern-day slavery” aims to raise people’s awareness that in the world today, 27 million slaves. The main difficulty in the fight against modern slavery is that it largely goes unnoticed. As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind”.

“People work in brothels, in nail bars, cannabis farms, other farms — all these forms of slavery remain largely hidden,” says mirabelle Galvin.

Mirabelle calls Christians to figure out whether slavery is involved in the supply chain of the products they buy, making a picture of the product and requesting the producer through the social network with the hashtag #askthequestion.

“Of course, only one person asking such a question irrelevant. He won’t have a lot of pressure on the company. But if ten thousand people or a whole army of people will ask the company the question: “is There slavery in your supply chain?”, then, obviously, she will be forced to react somehow,” continues Mirabel.

We are also pleased to announce that “Garden of modern-day slavery” mirabelle and Juliette was awarded a gold medal.

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