About 60 thousand people have venerated the relics of the Martyr Elizabeth in the Urals


On the evening of 21 July 2018 in the Church on the Blood after the vigil took seeing the relics of the Martyr Elizabeth in Marfo-Mariinsky convent in Moscow, where they reside, reports the press service of the Yekaterinburg diocese.

After the evening Liturgy, which was headed by the Metropolitan of Yekaterinburg and Verkhoturye Kirill, the pilgrims lined up in a long queue to venerate the relics of prepodobnomuchenitsy Elizabeth. Came to Shrine, under prayer, under voznesenye soda temple, reverently venerated the ark before he went to Martha and Mary convent in Moscow.

Mother Elizabeth, abbess of the Marfo-Mariinsky monastery in Moscow, after the ark under the glorification of the Holy martyrs Elizabeth and Barbara gently took from the temple and placed in the van, gave them his blessing and invited him to visit the Shrine of STS.


We will remind, the ark with the relics of Martyr Grand Duchess Elizabeth, brought from the Martha and Mary stavropegic monastery in Moscow in the framework of the Patriarch’s stay in the Ekaterinburg Archdiocese, was in the Church on the Blood, from 13 to 15 and from 18 to 21 July and from 15 to 18 July, he was in Alapaevsk during the Days of remembrance of St. Elizabeth.

During this time in Ekaterinburg and Alapaevsk the Shrine bowed to roughly 60,000 pilgrims and parishioners of temples of the Ekaterinburg Archdiocese.

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