About the toast to the ISS and the landing capsule of “Soyuz” from the book of astronaut Scott Kelly’s “Resistance”

Today was the big accident at the start of the carrier rocket “Soyuz-FG” with manned spacecraft “Soyuz MS-10” from the cosmodrome Baikonur. The ship was supposed to deliver Russian cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin and NASA astronaut nick Hague at the International space station (ISS). The crew crash landed, made contact, no injuries. In 2015, American Scott Kelly was on the ISS together with Gennady Padalka, Mikhail Kornienko, Terry Orstom, Anton by shkaplerov and Samantha Cristoforetti. About the toast, and friendship, film screenings and chocolate pudding and a landing capsule of “Soyuz” – in the book American astronaut “Resistance. My year in space”, which was published in the publishing house “Alpina Non-fiction”.

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Latest planning conference will be held at 7:30 p.m., shortly after dinner. Today is Friday and we, as usual, preparing for a joint dinner in the Russian segment. Mike usually can’t wait to start the weekend, and in the afternoon he arrives on the American part of ISS to discuss the plans.

— How now, brother? he asks with fire in his wide-open blue eyes.

— Maybe eight?

— Let’s at seven forty-five!

I agree.

In the evening, completing the DPC and see how goes the experiment, I quickly call’amico. “Going to Boondoggles” — under the name of our local bar in Houston, I mean the Russian segment of the ISS, and’amico understands the joke.

I collect everything you need for Friday dinner in a great package with string lock. Put personal Cutlery: spoon and scissors for opening packets of food. Take treats to the meals from my the additional food container and from inventory taken from the house: canned trout, Mexican meat and processed cheese, like Cheez Whiz, which is like Gennady.

Russian always share black as tar, caviar, to which I am addicted, and canned crab meat. Samantha also brings great snacks — the Europeans have the best kitchen.

American astronaut Scott Kelly

With the package of supplies under my arm I headed to the “Not-1”, then sail through PMA-1 (Pressurized Mating Adapter, pressurized mating adapter) — short dark tunnel between the American and Russian segments. He is neither handsome nor generous space: about two feet long, beveled at an acute angle, it is designed with narrow and became even closer because of the cargo that we store here at white cloth sack. I pass the module the Russian FGB (functional cargo block) and I was in the service module, where Gennady and Samantha watching movie on my laptop, and Anton “hanging” in the horizontal against them position, ending the experiment on the wall. The screen flickers a young woman’s face, contorted apprehension, a male voice-over says sternly in Russian.

— What are you watching? — I ask.

“Fifty shades of grey” — responds Samantha. In the Russian dubbing.

Gennady English greets me, and thanks for bringing food, then Russian tries to convince Samantha that “Fifty shades” — a great literary work.

— This is ridiculous, ‘ she says, not looking up from the screen.

In fluent Russian, they with Gennady half-jokingly arguing about the place of the novel “Fifty shades of” in the literature, when the toilet is returned Misha. Terry arrives with his basket of supplies, and greets all.

Anton invites us to the table. He has flown the MiG in the Russian air force to the selection to the cosmonaut corps, and, if in the 1990s, the geopolitical situation were different, I could meet him in battle. Thorough and reliable in terms of both physical and technical training, he has a predilection for silly jokes and intimate conversations, the love to which he is excessive even for Russian.

Russian test-cosmonaut detachment fgbu “NII CTC after Yu. a. Gagarin” Colonel, Russian air force Anton shkaplerov.

In English he says, pausing in unexpected places offers, but I’m sure my Russian sounds much worse.

I once asked Anton what he would do if his MiG-21 and my F-14 in the fateful day was found on the same line, what maneuver would do to benefit me? Flight school and service in the fighter we with friends frequently asked questions about MiGs and their capabilities. All we had was guesses, based on knowledge of military Affairs. Turned out to be exactly the same guess and the Soviet side.

From conversations with Anton and the other astronauts I was under the impression that they didn’t know too much about our aircraft and training air battle in which I faced a very experienced pilot on the F-16, depicting the Moment was largely redundant. Russian pilots are not less talented, just that they had far less plaque than we (I have flown more than 1500 hours on the F-14, and Anton — in the best case, 400 hours on MiG), most likely due to the limited budget.

Since Gennady appeared on the ISS, Anton and Misha acting like he is the chief, although officially the commander of the Russian segment is Anton. Gennady, as always, gorgeous, all by itself is getting better with him, because he’s a natural leader. He has not taken the slightest attempt to take power, but that makes others to listen to him.

Russian astronaut, air force Colonel Gennady Padalka. Ranked by total duration spent in space – 878 days.

Misha, too, until that lot of fun to fly. He sincerely empathizes with people regularly asking me how I was doing, really wants to know. He does not care what is happening in the lives of his friends, how they feel and how it can help. Its main features — the ability to make friends and camaraderie, it brings a sense of solidarity in all he does.

I am often asked how we get along with the Russians and, it seems, do not believe me when I say, “No problem.” The people of our countries face daily with cultural misunderstandings. Russian Americans at first glance seem naive and weak, Americans, Russian — stone and alienated, but I understand that this is only an appearance. I often think of deductible once the definition of the Russian character: “brotherhood of the dispossessed”. It says that connects Russian history, full of wars and disasters. I thought it was from “Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov, but I could not find this place in any translation.

Pilot-cosmonaut of the Russian Federation, Hero of Russia Mikhail Kornienko. Made two space flights.

We try to learn and respect the culture of each other and agreed to work together to implement this huge, complex project, so try to understand and see the best in each other. From crew with whom I fly, depends on almost every aspect of my flight. If you work with the right person, and the hardest day goes smoothly, with the wrong — simple task will be very heavy. Depending on who is nearby, the year in space can become painful, filled with conflicts or overshadow the daily annoyance of the person could not find a common language and which at the same time, you have nowhere to go. So far I’ve been very lucky.

When we all gather around the table, Gennady clears his throat, and his serious mind it becomes clear that he is going to propose a toast. Russians are very serious about the toast, and first night is the most important. He is always present and dedicated to the cause, gathered them together.

— Guys, — he begins, — can you believe we’re actually here, in space? We’re the only six people, representing the Earth, and I am proud that I am one of you. This is amazing. Let’s drink to us and our friendship.

For us, we all carried, and night, officially opens.

Six difficult to eat at the same time in such a close space, but we’re excited for the opportunity to share a meal the whole crew. Tape vorovki Velcro and tape record our food, but there are always some escaped from the master renegade — soft container of drinking water, spoon, cookies, which have to catch. This is also part of the dinner to grab someone’s drink, passing your head.

Terry Wayne VIRTs.
American astronaut
A NASA astronaut. Made one space flight on the Shuttle endeavour as a pilot

For food, we listen to music, usually my playlist is taken into space iPad: U2, Coldplay, Bruce Springsteen. Russian especially like Depeche Mode. Sometimes I tell the audience something from Pink Floyd or the Grateful Dead. The Russian did not mind the rock of the 60’s, but hip hop does not interest them, although I tried many times to acquaint them with the work of Jay-Z and Eminem.

We discuss how we worked on this week. Russian questioned about the seizure of the ship Dragon, and we have them about when will come the following “Progress” for resupply. We’re talking about families and about current events in our countries. Important news affecting both the United States and Russia, for example, their participation in the events in Syria, all relate a little, trying not to go into details.

Sometimes Russian captures some American news story. For example, when two inmates escaped from a prison North of new York city, Gennady and Mike showed a keen interest in their plight and kept asking me, were you able to catch them. I noticed that they are watching the news updates CNN on our projection screen as you follow through the “Not-1”.

The evening continues, and the Russians say the second toast, is usually dedicated to something specific, such as current events. Today’s toast to the Dragon and the inventory that he brought to us. The third toast is traditionally proclaimed for the wives or other relatives and for family. While Anton says it, we all freeze and think about their loved ones.

Samantha Cristoforetti

Italian astronaut. The third woman astronaut of the European space Agency and the first woman astronaut by the Italian space Agency. The holder of the record for flight duration among women

Comes to talking about returning to Earth on Soyuz. Most people have experienced this at least once — champion Gennady even four times — but Terry and Samantha return in may will be the first. This is a severe test, and four experienced share their experience. Gennady remembers how in one of his previous flights of the capsule “Union” hit the ground and rolled, so the astronauts were upside down. One of the crew members tried to sneak in the suit some Souvenirs from orbit, and because of this extra weight, coupled with the unusual position while landing the body weight of this remaining unnamed astronaut came in the groin. The pain it was such that Gennady unfastened straps, risking to break your neck if you fall on your head, and help the unfortunate to change position to alleviate his suffering. Terry and Samantha, this story did not seem inspired.

Friday night dinner inevitably ends with dessert. Russian space dessert — almost always a tin of Apple sauce. The inhabitants of the ISS us segment have a greater choice, although our desserts are not culinary masterpieces. I myself prefer a pot pie with cherries and blueberries, and in Russian the same success enjoyed chocolate pudding, so I took it as treats. I hate that our nutritionists require you to provide us with the same number of chocolate, vanilla and caramel puddings, although a fundamental law of nature says that chocolate disappears much faster. No one in space does not develop vanillic dependence (as, indeed, on Earth).

We say goodbye and return to the American segment, do not forget to grab their spoons and the remains of the meal. In the cabin I look at the plan for the next day, Saturday. As often happens in space, working to capture some output, and I in addition will need to complete a mandatory complex sports exercises. I take off my pants and fix them on the wall, palming off under the elastic fastening rope, t-shirt, decide not to change, brush my teeth. Put on your headset and call’amico to talk for a few minutes before bedtime. It still early evening. I talk about the capture of Dragon, “Fifty shades of grey”, about how me again, exasperated, carbon dioxide, curious Gennady landing capsule of the “Union”.

It’s about his working day, much of which is dedicated to recording the series online series NASA “Space calling Earth”. Recently she shared with me that the oldest son Corbin convinces her to stop all the time to think about the space station: “Your work fills the space and home life, too, fills the space. You never rest”. It is! She still helps other son, 18-year-old Tristan, to cope with the aftermath of a car accident with the fire, taking care of my daughter Samantha and executes orders of my father. How fortunate that’amico handles all my Affairs on Earth, it is a pity that I almost can’t do anything to help! The year in space — a test for resistance and for Amiko, it is important to remember that.

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