On 20 April the government quarter of Kiev turned a street action under the national campaign “don’t cut out a family!” Public Pro-family organizations of Ukraine and Christians of different denominations came to MPs requirements to protect the traditional family at the state level and to prevent the legalization of gay marriage and LGBT propaganda in Ukraine.

“This is not a one-time event, when a number of people came to the walls of the Verkhovna Rada. Today, in all regions of Ukraine hold events called “do Not cut his family!” and all have one purpose and one goal — to keep the family together in the Ukrainian legislation. We are talking about the legal field of Ukraine and the Family code, the Constitution of Ukraine, decrees and government decisions — they should be focused on protecting families, moms, dads and children. We came to protect people’s rights, family rights, rights of children,” — says the head of the NGO “All together”, co-organizer of the national campaign “don’t cut out family!” Ruslan Kukharchuk.
Participants of the action “don’t cut out family!” talk that led them to the walls of the Ukrainian Parliament:
“So I can tell you about your values. I can say that it is important for me as for the citizen, both for the believer and generally as someone whose family is worth”, says a family consultant Tatiana Sokolov.
“I would like to protect their children, because a lot of people do not understand the consequences of what is happening. Gender policy is not just same — sex marriage. I know that the next step will be the destruction of nuclear families, — tells mother of many children Tatiana Ajibe. — In Europe, taking children from large families, nuclear families and given to gay families for adoption”.
The rally gathered near the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the two sides of protesters. The activists of LGBT community also came to the government and the campaigners. They are holding posters with appeals to the authorities to avoid homophobia, and that the Ukrainian family destroys not LGBT, alcoholism, economic factors and domestic violence.
“We actually came here today to tell the people who are, as I understand it, against us, the search for the real reasons that our opponents propose to forget and focus on the LGBT community, which according to them is the main enemy of the Ukrainian family”, — explained to journalists the aim of the action LGBT activist Zoryan KIS.
The appointment of the government Plenipotentiary for family Affairs — one of the pressing issues of the campaign. Stayed in this appointment only a few days Adrian Bukovina, led a heated debate with opponents. It was after the uproar in the media the LGBT community, he was removed from office.
“I saw the posters (from LGBT activists – ed.) that relate to me personally. I have the power prescribed in his time — and now an open question — for the post of government Plenipotentiary for family Affairs. And thus, I had the duty to approach people who believe in my homophobia, and explain what the situation really is,” says President of the Ukrainian charitable Fund “Family” Adrian Bukovina.

In addition to the operation of the office of the government Plenipotentiary for family Affairs, campaigners want to save the Constitution article which defines marriage as solely the Union of man and woman; to exclude from the “National strategy on human rights for the period till 2020” and measures aimed at the legalization of same-sex partnerships, and homosexual propaganda in Ukraine; to exclude from the Labor code definition of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” as an ideological and unscientific and to adopt a law banning propaganda of homosexuality. Passing column to the building of the Cabinet of Ministers, they gave the members of the government letters by resolution of the campaign “don’t cut out family!” and the basic requirements of the same name of the action.
“Pro-family organizations have already passed requirements to protect the family to the President of Ukraine and the Parliament with 112 thousand signatures. These letters are submitted to the Secretariat of the President, and we are already receiving answers to them from different factions, says Genia Samborsky, Chairman of the Ukrainian charity Fund “For human dignity. And now again I passed hundreds of signatures that we collect and again will hundreds of thousands of pass our government”.
The day of action landmark coincided with the first meeting of the new Cabinet. Was heard by the protesters, shows not primarily a public statement of social activists and politicians, but real changes in the Ukrainian legislation.

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