Actress Maria is Harsh: When we both got pregnant, Soloviev grabbed his head

Her first prayer was: “Lord, leave me alive for children.” One of the twins died in the womb, and the actress almost died. And before that, she desperately stormed the entrance examination, were baptized, and sold in the transition of things in order to survive. Now she has three children and four grandchildren. The beautiful Maria Surova, already being a grandmother, managed to get married. She said “Pravmiru” about the mother blessing, faith in God and how he returned to the profession at the age of 37.

Maria Surova. Photo: Facebook

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I want, I won’t actress?

In Театре.DOC went play “Outside the theater” in which you played yourself. What were you told on stage?

– We had seven people in the acting profession with a difficult fate. The authors of the play believed that it is necessary to tell all. When we heard for the first time the text of the play, many were shocked. Now life circumstances of the actors have changed, the performance is not. For example, I got married and told me about her ex husband and why did they leave the profession.

It happened because of the second husband. By the end of the Institute I have had a difficult relationship with her first husband and all men. I left a wonderful husband who took care of me. And the person to whom I went said, “Well, okay, you left me, so I made you a great actress.”

And then I asked: “if you Want, I won’t actress? If it matters to you, I can not play in the theater.” He replied: “Yes, just so.”

Internally, I was ready for it. I liked the process of working on the Playground, in the theatre and social life was alien. I thought that it is impossible to be a successful actress and a good mom and wife. I saw that a famous actress was unhappy in his personal life. I thought maybe the first family was destroyed because of my acting ambitions. And left the profession.

– You were just the flowering or the beginning of an acting career, right?

– Yes, two films, an invitation to go to Italy, with some French producer I met, secular such a success. And inside – the devastation, the destruction of the family, dark time, as I call it.

Recently I joined the film Institute, became acquainted with her first husband, Felix. He was a wonderful, different environment, different education, German. His dad came to work in Moscow. I have these relations not seen. It was like pure water. Family, three children, lived in a large apartment, on Sundays, we gathered together for Breakfast.

Mother was very delicate, I noticed that I tilt my head low over the table, and so consider food. She asked Felix: “Maybe she has bad eyesight? You ask”. I didn’t wear glasses, my mom thought it wasn’t necessary. By the time I had -4.5. That is, when I did, I Commission seen in the form of diffuse spots.

May be it is convenient.

Yeah, don’t see details. Felix after a conversation with my mother brought me from Germany. And we met so. I left the admissions office, and he sat there as a freshman. And here he is catching up to me: “Girl, girl! Give with you an excerpt put!” I came to visit him, he made the tea, baked a cake. Imagine! The guy baked a cake! I was quite shocked.

We rehearsed and communicated. I was told that I have a daughter that I gave birth at the age of 17, even before the fighting positions. We decided to live together. I was then educated that it is necessary to get married. Love is, and what conventions?


We rented an apartment and began living together, and I saw about a woman unable to take care of. For a child found a private kindergarten, from trips he always brought something. If I couldn’t cook, he cooked. Girlfriends I said I would never be able to love another person.

But when there is no protection, there are temptations. The enemy wants between people was hostility. You can stop a fight, and can ignite. I was the most talented and most beautiful, a big sparkly crown on your head. He said that I from home a relaxed woman turned into a monster with whom we can negotiate. Then I asked him for forgiveness for how I behaved.

When I got pregnant, we got married. On the fifth month I had a raspberry, and in 92-m to year, in front of empty shelves in the stores, my husband brought me two boxes of fresh raspberries. He wanted this child, son! I gave birth in excellent conditions, in a German clinic. After a month I already played Natasha in “Three sisters” Solovyov.

– How did you cope? One child was born to the Institute, the second in the last year. Thanks to what or whom managed to graduate and even appear?

– Thanks to Felix and Solovyov. Then just Lena Korikova was also born a child. Solovyov and grabbed his head, scolded us all. He had the producers of the film “Three sisters”. One actress he would have replaced, but two is difficult. He persuaded the producers to wait until the summer. We started filming in August, my son was a month and the son of Lena for two weeks. Solovyov gave us a private room and two drivers who drove us-brought. Lena helped mom, and my husband.

In the film “Three sisters”

– What else are you thankful Solovyov?

He gave unconditional love. Everyone he took in the first year, perceived immediately as a full-fledged creative people: “You are a very interesting people, and not only will you have me learn, but I have you.” I after three failed attempts so easily received, without any Dating, and for that I am grateful. He said, “Well, the actress is ready, you can directly in the area, there is everything and will learn.” Thanks to him I have regained your confidence.

Lord, let me live for the sake of the children

With second husband we are together rehearsing, there was a love even before my pregnancy. Then I decided to stay with her husband. At that time I still had no idea about the confession when you don’t give a bad linger, pulling weeds. They blossomed riotous color, and from my first husband and I eventually left.

I was nekrashenaya. My mother is baptized as a child. But as a normal intelligent person, she darted in a different spiritual quest: read Roerich, Blavatsky, went to the temple. With dad, they divorced when I was one year old. My mother was a theater critic, I grew up behind the scenes.

I must say that the attempt to baptize me in the childhood did not take place. My mother and grandmother brought me to the temple in Kazan, and then suddenly grandmother did not like something, whether a large number of children dipped, or something else. And suddenly I get sick. In the end, she said, “Come here!” And I was picked up and carried away.

And here I translate mother from Chita to Moscow, and she in Shatura district begins to engage in folk theatre. And then he meets a priest who restores the temple, begins to partake. And then suddenly comes to me and quietly, so humbly asks me to be baptized. We fought a lot, and then suddenly: “Masha, I beg you!” It was just before her birthday in March. And I felt that I need something to rely on, to stand on some platform, and I said, “Okay. May you be a gift on birthday”.

– How was it?

– Father baptized me at home. Because the temple turned off the water, something happened. He said that just as many obstacles, will not carry the day, especially mom’s birthday. I had a very strong desire to change lives. And to live differently, it is unclear exactly how, but different. The service did not go far.

And a month later, the third time I got pregnant. I was not divorce, but lived with her future second husband.

I had a threatened miscarriage. The doctor said, “Oh, what a bad pregnancy, have an abortion”. I replied that this was impossible, as I just baptized: “what happened?” “You have twins, one child has ceased to grow”. “And second?” “And the second alive.” I said, “Well, let them. What to do?” – “Nothing”.

It was the third pregnancy, so I quietly left. And I decided to give birth at home. To the moment of delivery ex-husband took his son abroad, I was in poverty after wealth, stood in the transition, and sold the good stuff. My second husband is a complicated man, he didn’t have work, we survived. After the German hospital I did not want to go to the Soviet.

– No, we were not, after all inside there is a dead child?

The doctors on this attention is not sharpened. I had a home birth with a known midwife, completely forgetting that I was still a fetus. She didn’t even say anything, well, the child was born, the weight of 4500, a child seat unit, large, good, chest. And in that moment I thought that if I died it’d die quietly. I have everything: I’m with a loved one, a child is born. On the ninth day after birth in Baptism I became ill.

Husband went for a run, I fell down, started bleeding. But I lost consciousness. And for the first time in my life, I prayed. “Lord, leave me alive for children.”

A neighbor called an ambulance, and then there was a series of events, about which they say that a coincidence, but it’s certainly not the case. First, the ambulance had to go deliver change, but at the last moment they decided to turn around. It was exactly when I was praying. Doctor, which I took, called Seraphim. A pressure of 60 to 10, to live stayed about an hour, ran all the doctors, the next day in output came the chief surgeon and I was rescued.

After the surgery I experienced a catharsis, on the seventh day. I lie, the house is flooded with sun, and I feel great love for all. Quarrels began to seem small and meaningless. This condition is impossible to forget, it seemed that more never will quarrel and no one will be offended. Of course, later in life it was all, but it kept me a float. The absolute conviction that God is there and He left me alive for the kids.

And then you began to go to Church?

Yeah that’s when I started to go to Church, then stopped, and again there were complications. Years later, I came to the conclusion: when the period starts out from temple, me is a terrible nasty things. I take a big risk. To deal with such a force that you voluntarily give ourselves… the Lord will not bind you yourself choose to go to God or to the other side. There is a road, the road of evil and of good.

Maria Surova

Photo: Maria Surova / Facebook

Masha, you saved my marriage

– How was your life after you promised her husband that she be an actress?

– We had money problems. I joined the company, which prepared office Lunches. I was cooking at home, put in a thermos, the driver was taken away, now it’s called catering. Due to this, our family survived. We lived with grandma after a stroke, the husband breaks, two children. We all lived on this money, I was cooking 40 meals a day.

Mom taught me to cook before. I often stayed home alone. Mom gave 5 rubles and said, “Buy products”. No list: sour cream 15 cents, bread 32. You go. I was 9-10 years old. Then turn on the rationalism.

– Budgeting since childhood.

– Yes, but all the same I remained a kid. Hang a grocery bag on the edge of the slides and riding in the winter. And then bring the frozen eggs, milk. Some learn to swim gradually, someone throw in the water. Here I threw.

– It’s not that you are cooking and the soup dripping tears: how is it that I’m an actress!

– Actually, no. Amazing. I really believe in her husband and believed that no matter which of the two succeeds, if there is love. Sometimes I cooked and listened to the series. That’s when I heard the false intonations of the actors, I had regret. I could have been much better to play, well, that is it!

So we lived for 12 years, and then my husband left me. He rushed, then left, then came back, talked to him father, but achieved nothing. At this point I decided to return to the profession. By 2007 I had 9 years of work experience as a cook. I was very tired, worked from 9 am to 9 PM, pulled on itself all.

And how was the return? This is how to enter into the same river twice, it is almost impossible.

– At the time I was 37 years old. It was very hard, but the mood was militant. I was destroyed inside completely, I was hoping that we would spend life with her husband.

I helped Renata Litvinova. About it is a lot of gossip goes, but my father said, “She’s a normal person, I know it.” I worked as her Secretary for two and a half years. Accompanied by, carried on business, answered phones, worked with the press.

With Renata in Venice

I began to look better, slimmer, and made the first photographs of the village and wrote 200 letters in the casting Agency. I began to call for small roles. I was everywhere offer.

– Not from what did not refuse?

– I did not play in one series, where the hero helps a fortune-teller. Someone somewhere spat, hid a piece of cloth, a terrible heresy. I read it, there was no money at all, and was offered 15 thousand per day. I called, apologized, “Excuse me, for God’s sake, but I can’t.” And literally two days later they call me and offer another scenario. The writer walks with me in the same temple. A story about a woman who defends her pregnancy. Despite the fact that the husband is afraid of having an affected child.

– But still you cooking is not gone?

At the beginning of 2015 I have 2 play per month. One way cost 3000 rubles, my income was 6000. Then I remembered again that I still cook. And wrote a post on Facebook that I’m an actress, but there are a lot of breaks, so looking for a place to conduct cooking classes. What could teach how frugally prepare food for a large number of people.

There was a huge number of reposts, comments. Even home came girls to learn to cook. One girl told me that her husband from the doorway ate the pie that we cooked together. And another wrote: “Mary, you saved my marriage. You know, we got married, I woke up in the morning and realized that I need to cook something, and I don’t know how.”

Then there are cafes Grusha Market, where I became head of culinary school. And now on the 1st channel in the morning, write a column called “Culinary challenge”, technology lessons in the New school. The St. Spyridon, when you pray, I work, to serve, and the family and people.

“Culinary challenge.” Photo: Maria Surova / Facebook

You don’t know when come in handy.

– Often write that Maria Surova is occasional actress. You are not offended?

– I many people have talked about my talent, for example, the wife of S. A. Gerasimov Tamara Makarova spoke well. Mikhalkov after the performance of “Three sisters” talked to me for 20 minutes, still thinking that I will remove. Try to live, think, once, God, let it be so.

Recently I sad that I now only associated with cooking, and I time – and say in the series on a good role, the mother of the protagonist.

– It’s also not the main role? There is no sense that the talent is there, but it is not implemented?

Well, here I am a woman in social networks writes: “I see your heading cooking on the First channel, and I’m so glad”.

– Is it possible to put on one scale with the main role in a good theatre?

– And who knows? Of course, I think, Oh, I would play Gertrude or someone else. But I do people Wake up in the morning, telling them: “Good morning!” Trying to give pleasure, I came in the morning positive program.

Solovyov told us, and it seemed to me, and I to children young say “You don’t know when come in handy. You can shoot in 20 years, and then forget about you”.

How many of these stories! The same Gurchenko 15 years were not in demand. I therefore insist that they developed other abilities just in case.

– And you hope that will be useful?

– I played a major role. In “Alarm status”, “Last night”. But such a global project for the whole of Russia was not. I go to various good projects in the sample. I hope, of course.

– Who would have played?

– I would have played a man whose fate changes drastically. Probably the most striking example – “My fair lady” based on “Pygmalion.” I’d played very well Arkadina! Lady Macbeth I didn’t want to play. And Chekhov all my roles.

– What is the fate of the actor, in your opinion, can be considered happy?

– Here’s a performance of “Sneakers”, where I have two roles, one in the play and it was not only “words from behind the door,” and I have turned it into a dramatic exit when there’s room laughing. And I’m happy. Or when you shoot in the series where your son is on the script the whole movie trying to figure out who his father is. There we have a scene: we’re tweeting at some logs, and the entire group quiets down.

Because life originated. We speak like real mom with her son and actor at me differently and looks all around. This is the moment of sensation. I know that at this point the audience will sympathize with our characters.

As he wrote to Michael Chekhov, we treat the role like a child. Even if it’s small, ugly, weird happened, you still love. Love is the main thing in our profession.

Yes, it’s nice when you take the autographs. But for me it pales in comparison with the response that you get from the viewer. My mother once watched where I played, and cried. She understood that I’m an actress, but really empathized with the woman on the screen, which sought to keep the baby.

On the set

Man is the image of God, in him you fall in love

Know what I exercise I give to students? To justify the person they offended. Completely. The actor must be an advocate for your character. Justify – play convincingly.

With children, which I do, I spend a few conversations. Based on an article by Michael Chekhov, “About love in our profession.” One about pride. The actor comes to the site, all the fuss around it, fertile ground for pride. And what’s the advantage of the acting profession? This is a sermon, you can speak useful words a large number of people. I have to think, what to be known.

– So you on the responsibility they talking about?

– Responsibility when you are known, should be mandatory. Plus the actors can save people from despair. People fall into bad condition, terrible thing. When I have someone to cheer, I get pleasure. The man smiles, and this is important. Even in dramatic stories your character, making people cry, and helps them to discharge.

Another conversation is definitely about relationships and the temptations. We were selected to attract a large number of people. And the actors get into the environment such as people. Of course, everyone is starting to feel sympathy to each other.

On the set

I tell them that man is the image of God, in him you fall in love. But if you contaminate it, started with someone and then with someone else, stretch the strings, there is a communication out of the straps. And you live in these shackles, so I say “confused”, “confusing”.

– Students sample 2018 as listening?

– In fact, they hunger for these things. I ask them, what is your working tool? The pianist – the piano, the violin, the violin, and you? This puts them in a deadlock. So you have the tool. If you want a profession to achieve something, you must keep the tool clean, blow off dust particles. In purity contain mind, your thoughts.

We must realize that God gave you this. It’s not you this great. And the gift should be developed, to serve the people.

From me came the people!

When I came to work at the school, filled out a questionnaire, there was question: “What are you proud of?” And here I thought I am proud that my children willingly tell how they’re doing. Many people say that calling the child, and he does not want to talk. I also had such a period. It’s different now, thank God!

My eldest daughter has four children. And all because I once made conclusions. We are with her and her friends were talking about abortion and other topics they could not discuss with others. Told as well when the family is large.

– On the Internet about you write: “For the grandmother of four grandchildren looks very young, respect.” Are you excited by such comments?

It’s very good. I’m not doing anything special to look good. When I turned 45, I came to get a passport. Come, and the document is ready. I was invited to the office where passports in which there are doubts. And my lies, and photos separately. Looked at me and said, “okay, now claim”. It turned out, suspected that the photo Perevolochna.

And then my delight is the thought that my children and grandchildren! From me came the people! Walk the earth 7 people. It was awesome.

– Did you have a shock when you become a grandmother at 38?

– I have the joy of gambling was. Of course, I am a hooligan, just like my mother. I’m proud of it and talked about it. I am an absolute cosmopolitan, different nationalities calmly, the Lord made people different. The daughter said she was in love with a black guy from Cameroon, and dreamed about this since I was 12. For her this is an example of beauty. My husband is blonde, blue-eyed, and ACE like the others. So what. Objectively I understand that it is beautiful.

I really supported her when she got pregnant. She had doubts, despite the fact that she knows from childhood: all children should be born. The husband said that their family was formed by mother-in-law, me. It was very nice. Children, of course, very beautiful. And all the baptized, of course.

With the eldest daughter and grandchildren in category “Culinary challenge”

The father embraced him and said gaily: “my Husband!”

– What event, book or person you have formed?

– I was very influenced by the film “Fanny and Alexander” by Bergman. I was only 18 when I watched it. I was under the impression from a large family and the actress who plays the grandmother. She has a big family, several sons, each wife, children, grandchildren. And they all suffer from life’s difficulties. And I watched as she is in the center of this huge family.

Oh, I’m going to cry, probably always, when I remember, crying. There’s a scene as she stands and looks out the window at my family. It, probably, for 60 years. And it looks like they go to her place to celebrate Christmas. I thought it was amazing, to live that life when you go to the family. And I want that. We all want support, love, and there we have the opposite.

– You wrote somewhere that working on myself in this regard, tell us the secrets of family happiness?

– My one friend told a secret of family happiness. Her grandmother lived all his life with his grandfather. Grandpa grumble, grumbling, turns around, and she told him again, Fig will tell, but silently, behind. And in fact, she shows him the Fig, and the one who causes a person to say evil words.

My husband and I have agreed to fight at a time. If anyone of us sees that the other is annoyed, try not to respond immediately to it. Also have to put up quickly, not to delay the next day. Once we had a fight, and I’m terrified they say then: “Imagine if I was gone tomorrow. Or you. We will regret about what happened. Does it really matter so it was to defend their point of view?”

Say, if you take offense to the man, imagine him in a coffin. Oddly enough, it helps.

– And how you managed to marry a third time?

– I got married for the first time with the full consent of the mother. Before we filed, I asked my mom for the first time, whether she likes my choice and if she blesses me. She said she is very pleased and blesses. She was happy that we got married.

With her husband Roman

– And the priest said?

For three years before we met with Roma, I came to the priest and said he was very amorous. But don’t want to waste your time. If I’m with someone to live just so, it will affect my children, despite the fact that they are adults. How do I tell them? Friend? Well, some friend. They will understand the lie. All things should be called by their names.

After some time I realized that it’s easier for me in this decision to be. To live alone or, if you really destined, then married. I thought that it is unlikely that any man will understand 45-year-old woman who will claim that first marriage and then relationship. When I started to care, I gently tried to find out, free or not. Many in this age are married or divorced, as the father says, “cracked cups”. I said that I am a believer, go to Church and would like to be married. Officially.

Now married, decide to marry, before there was a physical relationship – it’s chivalry, almost feat. It is very rare. When mad at your husband, I remember he’s the act committed. He said, “Yes, I want to marry you.” Although we have not lived we have not had physical intimacy went hands, hugging and kissing.

None of the men after my divorce who was interested in me, went with me to the service. And my future husband went. The priest first saw it, as he stood on the extreme unction during Great lent is near. When we decided to get married, came to the Church, after the service, all the blessings are asked, he came up, he hugged and cheerfully says: “Husband!”

Actress Maria Surova and her husband, Director Roman Sviridenko

– The name of the father, if not a secret? You say to others: “Come on, I you to a good priest will take”?

Is Dmitry Roshchin, the temple of the Three hills in the name of St. Nicholas. Yes, if people are sick, they ask for help, I said, “Come with me”. I already had 2 cases of these. The most beautiful young women in difficult life situations left in tears after a conversation with him, but happy. This exemption: “Thanks for offering to go.” Transformation is a great thing and it happens.

– If you are asking about God, what do you tell people?

– I once asked one woman: “You go to Church?” – “Go”. “Why?” – “Candle pose”. – “Why are we baptized?” “I don’t know.” Actually, the baptized, that we might partake of if to simplify everything. What the sacrament gives? My husband after the wedding said that you can also partake once in a lifetime. I went to the priest, “What to say to her husband?” The priest says, “Yes, I can. Before the death. But we don’t know when will die.” I came home, I said it. My husband went and took communion. Really. The sacrament gives life eternal.

At the time, I am the daughter of the younger kids to an Orthodox school, where lectures were read by father Alex Uminsky, well, imagine what kind of personality! And daughter teaches me echoes of these conversations in her soul forever. She said, “you Know, what are we celebrating? Easter is victory over death”.

For true creative freedom, we need peace of mind

– I was a child watched a story where people were drinking from the fountain of eternal life. The scene is etched in my memory, they were happy, to live forever, were young. And my friend decided to run away from home and look for the source. Prepared month toddler these, 6 or 7 years. We went to look, we were caught and taken back to their parents. Now I understand what is the source of eternal life.

– During the interview you several times almost cried. You are a sensitive person, often crying, what about it?

– We were with her husband at the premiere of one film, and my mom recently left. In the movie the boy before mom died. And then there was the girl, who is growing rapidly, it is first 5, then 10, then 30, 50… She gives the boy all that were given in the life of the mother. And when I realised how much I could still remember everything… our mother quarrel, stupid words, resentment, it all came flooding back, I burst into tears and ran away.

Their characters I can cry. Played woman, and had come out on the screen, I sit and think, and how she, poor soul, lived. And cried about it. From sympathy. Understand that I play, someone is going on right now: someone suffers, loves, dies!

What value was the performance of “Outside the theater”? People saw us, successful, smiling, who survived, did, the play was moving from difficulties to good luck. By the end we were told about the positive aspects. Someone child was born, I became an actress and removable, one the actor has lost his profession, but became a successful screenwriter. And what all people seek and want? Love.

The same priest Alexy Uminsky, whom you mentioned, says that people, though you want justice for others, but expect mercy.

Yes, Yes, exactly. To his mercy and love.

– And there is a quote that accompanies you your whole life?

– Yes, the same Michael Chekhov. “For true creative freedom, we need peace of mind”. This phrase helps me a lot in life, she’s like an anchor. I say to students, imagine: you are the ocean and from above the storm. But inside, deep all is calm, swimming fish, and explain that calm the spirit gives faith. Once disturbed the calm – go to the temple. In all difficult situations, I do two things: cook and go to Church.

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