Admiralty temple in Voronezh opened the exhibition on “the spiritual mooring of the Russian fleet”


The exhibition, presented to the Church for the patronal feast of the Dormition of the Voronezh Agency “Safarogu”.

Permanent mini-exhibition dedicated to two inextricably linked stories — the basis of the Navy of Russia and the history of the Church. It was here, on the river Voronezh in 1696, Peter I began to build ships, here blessed the fleet, and a few months later took the fortress of Azov.

According to the Church rector Archpriest Victor Minor, a similar exposure when operating temples — a rarity. Assumption Church became the first in Voronezh.


“The Church of the Dormition is one of the iconic cultural sites of Voronezh, and Federal significance. It is a pity that few tourists and even residents of Voronezh knows about the glorious history of the temple. We decided to help in the project, good and spiritual and educational point of view. Has designed, manufactured and installed stands with showcases,” — said the Director of “Safarogu” Victor Emelyanov.

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