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Advent begins on 28 November and ends 6 January. In advent Christians prepare to celebrate the glorious feast of the Nativity of Jesus Christ, the Savior.

Advent is less strict than the Great lent and the Dormition fast.

Calendar power in advent

From 28 November to 2 January

The post no meat, eggs and dairy products.

Fish during advent is permitted on Saturdays and Sundays and great feasts, for example, the feast of the presentation in the temple of the Theotokos, Church feasts and great saints, if these days fall on a Tuesday or Thursday.

Wine in moderation is valid on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as in the days of committing to memory the most revered saints.

Patients, children and pregnant women, Pets easing physical fasting.

From 2-5 January

Post without fish, meat, eggs and dairy products

6 Jan

Christmas eve is a day of strict fasting.


The extent of his post to better align with the Confessor — to peremestitjsya as bad as nedopustit.

Main — post definitely need to prepare for confession and to partake of Holy communion, to try to be more collected life, not to condemn, not to speak evil and to do good deeds.

Meatless meals

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The problem of power in post

I’m in the beginning of the post feel physically normal and post normally carry, and by the end barely stand. When I first fasted during advent – aching stomach, so that the post violated. How to eat in a post if the post sick?

Yes, if you have serious health problems, the post can be weakened (with the blessing of the priest), however, does not need itself to this state to bring. In fact, judging by Your letter, Your problems are not because of health, but because of the fact that You’re too lazy to cook in the post. Meatless meals can be both diverse and delicious. For a sick stomach, by the way, very useful oatmeal, boiled in water – what is there nepolnogo? On our website there are recipes meatless dishes, there are even special cookbooks, it would be the desire to cook! Sincerely, priest Alexander Ilyashenko

Is it possible to drink alcohol in a post?

Responsible Archpriest Alexander Ilyashenko

Hello, Anna!

During multi-day fasts some days required more strict fast, in others – acceptable some relief. So alcohol in moderation is valid on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as in the days of committing to memory the most revered saints. A Christmas post in those days allowed and the fish. But this is a General rule and measure for each post should be determined individually in a personal conversation with the priest. God Helps You!

I try to fast, but when I come to visit relatives or friends, to treat me not meatless dishes. As I do in this case? And is it true that it is impossible in such cases to abandon the dishes and openly say that I’m fasting? In such cases, I usually eat a small portion nepolnoi food, and from the next day continue fasting. The right thing to do?

All depends on the situation. If Your relatives know that you are fasting, then eating meat in lent, You can to seduce them. They decide that Your faith and fasting is superficial, from what You have in the case refused to move. The Apostle Paul says that “if meat offend my brother, I will eat no flesh while the world standeth, not to seduce my brother”.
On the other hand it so happens that refusing to eat something, the more it is cooked for You, may be perceived the masters table as an insult and cause offense. In this case, it is better to sacrifice one day of fasting than human relations. Sincerely, priest Anthony Skrynnikov.

Please tell me how to determine the Golden mean in the post – between the gluttony (as obyedinyaet and gartnavel), the lust of the flesh and the crazy fanatical kink in the post, ie how fast is normal.

Meets the priest Dionysius Svechnikov

Hello, Eugene!
Everyone has to define a measure of abstinence, preferably, in consultation with the priest. One man’s madness is another routine, and one man’s lust is another man’s norm. All people are different. And the Church shows us in the Charter ideal of the post. Can fast according to the Charter, God help you! Not can fast as you can, but don’t blame the fanaticism of someone who can. The main fact is not to abandon some sort of food for lent, and to learn self-control. Temperance not only in food but also in words, in actions, in behavior.

Hello. I don’t have the willpower to fast for food. When I don’t eat meat, they get angry and razdrazhitelej, rude. Know that the main thing in fasting is not only abstinence from food, but a more in-depth look inside of ourselves, trying to fix with God’s help, something in itself, and yet.. I probably easier not to watch once again the movie or TV than not eating meat what shall I do, since I’m a disabled spiritual, I rule and regularly can not read, unbearable… can’t do anything regularly. Sometimes there are even thoughts that Orthodoxy is not for me, but I can’t live without Christ, without the Sacrament (even if it is infrequent).

Responsible Archpriest Alexander Ilyashenko:

First and foremost, we don’t have to accept the fact that we are “spiritual disabilities” and to recognize this state as our only possible until the end of time. Struggle with their passions and weaknesses, in fact, is the purpose of fasting. But to reach such a fight and win it is possible only after regular and complex “exercises,” and, of course, with God’s help.

You write about irritability. But this applies not only to You, it applies to many people – it is a common reaction. But irritability does not appear from this post, and is manifested through fasting – that is not something that comes only during lent, but what is in us is always for one reason or another, just due to some limitations of this sin more evident. One of the purposes of fasting is in itself revealing of certain sins, and the war with them.

It is useless to fight weeds, tearing them only leaves, but leaving in the ground the roots the weed will sprout again, and the root during this time have strengthened. You can’t fight irritability “sakharnova” her meat – you need to look for its real cause and to fight it. Fasting exposes our weak points, gives us clearly to see and feel, and because the natural reaction should not be a desire to again “hide” these ulcers, and that efforts should be made to remove them forever. Of course, this is a long and difficult way, and to begin better with an experienced guide, a priest who will tell you what You need this way to start, will discuss the results of the first steps will tell you where and how to move forward. Therefore, I advise You to go to the temple and discuss about fasting in a personal conversation with the priest, tell him about Your problems and ask for advice on how best to accustom himself to fasting and to overcome irritability and rudeness. God help You in this difficult struggle!

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